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#1 Javali lyrics blog

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Years ago, my mother collected lyrics of a few hundred Javalis as part of her M.Phil & Ph.D research work. Most of these were in Telugu, but a few are also from other Indian languages.

While she originally wanted to publish the collection as a book, I thought we could also publish these via Internet - so that a larger population could search, and access the content.

We're currently publishing only lyrics, in Telugu and English script. And we're posting a few javalis each week. Started a month ago - about 60 old lyrics published. (As on 7th Jun 2020)

Please visit

If you have any Javalis that you think you would like to share with us, please mail the same to [email protected]

If you have access to the notation / audio / video of any Javalis, please mail the links/content to [email protected]

Thanks in advance!

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@kkbava :
The Tacchur brothers, Pedda and Chinna Singaracharlu, (composer of the vasantā varṇa, ninnukōri), have also composed jāvaḷi-s. They've included them in their book entitled, gāyaka lōcanamu. Their mudrā, "śiṅgāra" appears in some compositions.

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#3 Re: Javali lyrics blog

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@kmrasika would you have any book / online link to their jAvaLis? Even if you can mention first few words, I can check in our collection to see if we already have them, or if we could source them from any library / collector / rasika!

(Edit) P.S.: Just confirmed with my mother - she has the book you mentioned! Thanks for the reference anyway!

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#4 Re: Javali lyrics blog

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Here are two orher jAvaLis. Corrections welcome.

sarasaku biguvElanE (j). rAgA: pUrvikalyANi. Adi tALA. Pattabhiramiah.

P: sarasaku biguvElanE O celi
A: sarasuDaina cAmarAjEndruDu vaDi puruSuDu karuNinci pilacitE rAga
C: virisharamulu nIyuramutO cEsina mariyAdalinkElanE
saraguna nannElu kommani vEDaga tirutirugi yUraka cUcEvEla celi
Audio is here:

iTurArA iTurArA (j). rAgA: bilahari. Adi tALA. Pattabhiramiah.

P: iTurArA iTurArA iTurArA sAmigA
A: ghaTakAtakaugiTa munipEyuTakuDi
C: nalugurilO nannu caukasEyakurA celula bodhanalilla
celuvODaina cAmarAjEndra nannEla calamEla nE patibAla OruatujAla guNashIla
Audio available here:

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