Any online radios?

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#1 Any online radios?

Post by cameo » 17 Oct 2016, 15:10


Is there an online radio, streaming 24/7 carnatic songs that any of you listens to. Either a free one or something needs some minimal fees.

I am looking for a good website for that. A quick search throws lots of results, and not able to find a consistent one.
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Sreeni Rajarao
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#2 Re: Any online radios?

Post by Sreeni Rajarao » 22 Oct 2016, 01:26

We have previously discussed this topic - you will find some useful information here:

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Raman Raja
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#3 Re: Any online radios?

Post by Raman Raja » 09 Aug 2018, 20:58

The links in this post appear to be outdated. Most of the domains do not exist any more. Has any one done a recent compilation of online carnatic music radio stations ?
I found a few, but they are expensive. Being a retired man on meagre pension, I am looking for some free radio stations :)
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