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#1 Trichy J Venkataraman

Post by Sivaramakrishnan »

Mahavidwan Trichy J Venkataraman passes away

Giving below a facebook post (dt 30.7.2020) from a disciple of the great vidwan
"My beloved guru Trichy Sri J. Venkataraman has passed away today (July 30th). He was suffering from some internal bleeding in his brain, and was admitted to the hospital last week.

Everyone who knew JV sir knew him as a very down-to-earth, ever-energetic person. I was blessed enough to learn from him for the past 5 years. Being a great Pallavi vidwan, he was always eagerly presenting new ideas in our classes. He was devoted to music more than anything else.

He was also one of the most generous human beings I've ever met. He was always ready to pour all his knowledge to his students, and never gave up on anyone.

I can never express my gratitude enough for the invaluable knowledge he has bestowed upon me. No amount of namaskarams will do justice to the service he has done for the music world.

I can only hope to pay even a slither of tribute in my musical journey going forward.

Will always miss you JV Sir"

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#2 Re: Trichy J Venkataraman

Post by rajeshnat »

Great vidwan , so sorry to hear this news. He was a pallavi powerhouse. Few lecdems especially Trichy J Venkataraman Sir pairing with Trichy Pradeep kumar is still fresh in my mind. I googled to find he was 86 and he passed away in Trichy. Condolences to his sishyas - both direct and indirect and his family.

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#3 Re: Trichy J Venkataraman

Post by thanjavooran »

Very sorry to hear the passing away of a such great vidwan in par with Chengleput Renganathan an authority in pallavi singing. First I listened his concert in a marriage in 1957 at Trichy. Condolences to his family.

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#4 Re: Trichy J Venkataraman

Post by CRama »

Got to hear his lec dems in Pallavi Durbar and was bowled over by his imagination and intelligence. I could never hear him in his young days. Condolences to his family members and disciples.

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#5 Re: Trichy J Venkataraman

Post by Sivaramakrishnan »

Trichy K Pradeepkumar is a prominent sishya of Sri J Venkatraman and has imbibed many a laya intricacy from the Guru.

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#6 Re: Trichy J Venkataraman

Post by advaitin »

Another veteran from the Alathur tradition passes, very sad to hear this.

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#7 Re: Trichy J Venkataraman

Post by arasi »

Condolences to the family.
The student who wrote of his valuable teacher and other students--may they carry his valuable gift of music/pallavi singing into their own music and honor their guru in the years to come.

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#8 Re: Trichy J Venkataraman

Post by ajit »

Condolences to the family. A simple vidwan. He used to come on bicycle from Trichy to Srirangam to disciples house to teach in the 1980s!!

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