Vidushi Smt. Prema Hariharan

Remembering musicians of the recent past
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#1 Vidushi Smt. Prema Hariharan

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Dear all,

On this teacher's day, I remember with reverence and gratitude, my music Guru Vidushi Smt. Prema Hariharan, who left this world in May 2021 at the age of 83. To immortalise her music, we, her students have created a multilingual, fully annotated YouTube channel called the "Prema Hariharan | Carnatic Music Archives", as a digital library featuring rare collections of her renditions ( Please enjoy and feel free to share with fellow rasikas.

About Vidushi Smt. Prema Hariharan
Born on Aug 2, 1938, Smt. Prema Hariharan started learning classical carnatic music at the tender age of six. She has also obtained a Masters degree in Tamil Literature and briefly served as a lecturer of Tamil in Ethiraj College.

She represents a school of pure traditional classical Carnatic music. She has learnt from scholars and legendary musicians such as Smt. Akhila Natesan, Sri. Patthamadai Sundaram, Maharajapuram Sri. Santhanam, Tanjavur Sri. Kalyanaraman, and Sri. R.S. Mani.

She received the title of "Nadakanal" and inspired music in its pure, authentic form in her numerous disciples. She was revered for her elegant style (chaste pronunciation and phrasing, measured delineation of ragas, kritis and swaras) as well as her scholarship by artists, scholars and students.


Articles on Smt. Prema Hariharan
1 - "Guru Prema Hariharan was as graceful as her music", by Chithra Shrikanth, on May 13, 2021, The Hindu ( ... 552056.ece)
2 - "Vidushi Prema Hariharan: A Musician Of Unparalleled Excellence", by R. Ravi Iyer, on May 29, 2021, India Herald ( ... 852-65.htm)

Thank you,
Lakshmi Ganesan
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#2 Re: Vidushi Smt. Prema Hariharan

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I just heard her name only after your post. I vaguely recollect reading the hindu post. When i heard her anandam amruthavarshini and the swaras , one can see the santhanam stamp all over the rendition of krithi . I did not know that she was the earliest disciple of maharajapuram santhanam , Also during swaras i see some clarity like GNB , may be she got from another genius SKR . Trivandrum RS Mani is a great teacher , his daughter Visalakshi Nityanand is a super brilliant singer.Pattamadai many years back some kharaharapriya was put , he was blurring with Semmangudi . All said 4 great gurus - Santhanam, SKR, RSM and Pattamadai. When i heard her bhagyaada lakshmi and shree lakshmi in abhogi, i could get a lot of overlap with MLV

I vaguely recollect her face ,she was seated once next to me in one maharajapuram rAMachandran concert in hamsadhwani , or is my memory incorrect dont know. Perhaps a great vidushi of great performance grade that we all did not have chance to hear because of her humility , possibly she did not push herself too much into performance.

Thank you Lakshmi Ganesan . You and your extended team is indeed doing a great service by creating exclusive content along with youtube like channel

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#3 Re: Vidushi Smt. Prema Hariharan

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I remember hearing her concerts many times in the Madras AIR. Once in 70s, she came to Trivandrum also.Once I got very much impressed in her RSS concert where she sang Ksheerasgarasayi in Poorvikalyani and Balagopala. Then some time in end of 90s, I was in a meeting of Bombay Tamil Sangham held in somebody's house and they were broadcasting the Tiruvayyar aradhana . It was about 7 PM and there was this heavenly alpana of Subhapanthuvarali and Ennalu Oorage by this vidushi- direct relay from Tiruvayyar. I have recorded 2-3 radio concerts also. She had a very nice voice, solid patantharam acquired from many Gurus and a good musical aethetics. I remember she was honoured in Arkay or Ragasudha hall about 3-4 years back. I attended the programme. More of her concerts should appear in yt so that the present generation of rasikas will come to know about her.

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Just now saw the above link and has got many concerts . I will listen to them in leisure.

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