Nadopasana Srinivasan

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K Nagarajan
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Post by K Nagarajan » 15 Feb 2016, 06:44

A tribute that appeared in the Friday Review. ... 223350.ece
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#27 Re: Nadopasana Srinivasan

Post by rajeshnat » 15 Feb 2016, 07:45

Wonderful tribute and write up by Sica President Chakravarthy. Never knew that he was in Guntur. I draw a parallel with that insight that he was like the great trs mama- learning a lot in andhra and doing the best for CM in chennai. I remember in one of the concerts of Dr sreevalsan menon - he told me that I know menon's father as he worked with his brother in some food corporation or some office in cochin. I did not know that he remained single till the earlier writeup that I read and posted in the hindu. Surely a great endarO mahanubhAvulu....
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#28 Re: Nadopasana Srinivasan

Post by arasi » 15 Feb 2016, 20:46

The more I read about him, the more I admire him--my encounters with him were brief, though meaningful.
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Ramasubramanian M.K
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#29 Re: Nadopasana Srinivasan

Post by Ramasubramanian M.K » 16 Feb 2016, 01:09

I agree with Arasi!! I have met him several times with my late father but never took the time to cultivate him -- as forumites know I am no wall-flower in the company of prominent persons--had I had an inkling of his background or mustered the curiosity to "engage" him outside of the Carnatic Music World,I wonder how much richer I would have been!! I never knew the "background"!! Now the LOSS is entirely mine!!!
With Ramabhadran (SAFE) and Srinivasan gone how many of their ilk are there in the extended suburbs of Chennai who may have started fledgeling institutions that need to be recognized and encouraged!!
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