Kalanidhi Narayanan No More

Remembering musicians of the recent past
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#1 Kalanidhi Narayanan No More

Post by vilomachapu » 27 Feb 2016, 17:42

Kalanidhi Mami is no more. She died at the ripe age of 87. She was an expert in abhinaya and had trained about a 1000 students in that art. An amazing achievement.

She came back to dance after 30 years in 1973 or so because Y.G. Doraiswamy compelled her as Balasaraswati refused to teach Alarmel Valli. Valli was Kalanidhi's first student and then the tide never stopped. Kalanidhi learn Dane from Bala's guru Kandappa Pillai and music from Dhanammal's daughter Kamakshi. After she came back to dance and teach Kalanidhi learnt padams and javalis from Kamakshi's daught T.Muktha.
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#2 Re: Kalanidhi Narayanan No More

Post by thanjavooran » 27 Feb 2016, 17:47

A very sad news. Condolences to all the members of her family and disciples. R I P
27 02 2016
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#3 Re: Kalanidhi Narayanan No More

Post by rshankar » 27 Feb 2016, 20:16

Oh! That is such a terrible loss!

As Kumari Kalanidhi Ganesan, she was one of the first non-dEvadAsi girls to learn bharatanatyam, and as already said, she became 'the guru' to learn abhinaya from - in addition to Smt. Alarmel Valli, Smt. Priyadarshini Govind is another of her leading disciples - I am so glad that Smt. Govind was able to work with Smt. Kalanidhi to preserve her teachings and techniques for posterity by bringing out a series of DVDs.

May her soul RIP! I am sure she is entertaining a divine audience with her refined abhinaya. Condolences to her family and disciples.
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#4 Re: Kalanidhi Narayanan No More

Post by Ramasubramanian M.K » 02 Mar 2016, 07:06

Caveat to this post: I am biased because she was my late father's cousin's wife.Married into a conventional Brahmin household(although our family members were engaged in Music,none of the members had taken to dancing),she succeeded admirably in blending a family and the Art form and got her recognition albeit belatedly.She was one of the quietest members of a "raucous" family but achieved more by sheer dint of hard work. One could talk to her for hours and one would not know her pedigree of teachers. Small wonder that many of the leading dancers flocked to her.

The dance world has lost a good teacher and our family has lost the one and only distinguished artist in the family.

May her soul rest in peace!!
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#5 Re: Kalanidhi Narayanan No More

Post by Lakshman » 03 Mar 2016, 03:27

Sincere condolences to the family, friends and disciples. She is at peace now.
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#6 Re: Kalanidhi Narayanan No More

Post by HarishankarK » 31 May 2016, 09:03

A truly great artiste. May her soul rest in peace.
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#7 Re: Kalanidhi Narayanan No More

Post by vsn69 » 07 Oct 2017, 05:43

She was our neighbour in Mylapore where I grew up. She knew my mother quite well. I met her a couple of years ago.
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