ShruthiLaya - Collection of Carnatic Music Lessons

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#1 ShruthiLaya - Collection of Carnatic Music Lessons

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Greetings to all,

ShruthiLaya ... hruthiLaya
is an android app having a comprehensive collection of carnatic music lessons, which serves as an aide in classical carnatic music practice.
It is for beginners learning Carnatic vocal or instruments such as violin, flute, veena and keyboard. The key features are

+ Sarali, Jantai, Daatu, melstaayi, mandrastaayi varisai, alankaram and bruga saadaka varisai
+ Option to practice varisaigal in different melakartha raagams
+ 13 Geethams, 2 Swarajathis and 5 Nottuswarams with both swaram and sahityam
+ 24 Adi Tala Varnam with ability to play individual sections of varnam
+ Optional Tanpura / Sruti box for basic lessons
+ Optional Karaoke style scrolling of swaram while playing
+ Basic information on over 900 raagas
+ Tala Metronome with optional selection of nadai

A feature-restricted free version ... hiLayaLite is available to try out.
Please visit the Play! ... dhiSadhana store to know more.

Wishing your greater joy in your music practice!

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