Nagaswara-Tavil concerts

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#1 Nagaswara-Tavil concerts

Post by kvchellappa » 16 Dec 2016, 11:42

This is a mail I received through Sri Muni Rao.


This Music Season, we at Sumanasa Foundation, in partnership with Narada Gana Sabha, Tyaga Brahma Gana Sabha, Brahma Gana Sabha and Nada Inbam are presenting eight Nagasvara-Tavil concerts. As you might know, apart from Mangala Isai and a spattering of a few concerts, they are largely ignored during the season and in general in the mainstream Carnatic music world. The situation for young talented Nagasvara & Tavil vidvans is even worse. Unlike all of us who grew through the junior, sub-senior slot system, these young talents have no such opportunity.

In order to start something that addresses these issues, we are supporting 7 concerts. The first concert is a senior concert on December 17th at Narada Gana Sabha at 10.30 am. Please find the full schedule attached below and we hope you can join us and share this information with your friends as well.

With warm regards,

T.M. Krishna & S. Hariharan ... 7b7ddd.jpg
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#2 Re: Nagaswara-Tavil concerts

Post by Rsachi » 16 Dec 2016, 11:46

Wonderful initiative. Wasn't there a Pongal Nagaswaram vizha or some such thing in the past, too?
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#3 Re: Nagaswara-Tavil concerts

Post by rajeshnat » 16 Dec 2016, 11:53

Rsachi wrote:Wonderful initiative. Wasn't there a Pongal Nagaswaram vizha or some such thing in the past, too?
Post first week of Jan , there would usually be a BGS Pongal concert series and also In SKGS there used to be nagaswaram concert. I am pretty sure apart from few opening ceremonies in sabhas , during the time of Dec 2nd week to Jan 01st barring , we usually do not have nAgaswaram concerts (barring one or two exceptions like injikudi in ragasudha)

This is indeed a wonderful initiative by TMK and S Hariharan . Kudos to their step in giving key slots during the core prime time of december season.
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