what's the structure of taala Laksmisha?

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#1 what's the structure of taala Laksmisha?

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Please let me know if you know how lakshmeesha taala goes.


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#2 Re: what's the structure of taala Laksmisha?

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According to http://mirudangam.tripod.com/108_talas.html it is 24 aksharas (2 dhrutam, 2 lagu, 1 plutam). BUT I know it is not correct. It is supposed to 25.

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#3 Re: what's the structure of taala Laksmisha?

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It is only 24 aksharakAlAs according to P.Sambamurti's Dictionary of South INdian Music and Musicians. (an avarta=6 mAtrAs or 24 akshareakAlAs)

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#4 Re: what's the structure of taala Laksmisha?

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I have different kinds of lists of Talas which I have collected when I was dealing with the rare topic “Talaprastara”. On seeing this thread upon ‘Lakshisha’ I have gone through them and, at the first glance, I could get nine different varieties from nine different treatises. The names of the treatises are Sangita Ratnakara, Ragatalachintamani, Sangitachoodamani, Sangita Darpana, Sangitasaara, Bharatarnava and I shall furnish them hereunder in terms of Anudruta(A), Druta(D), Druta-virama(DV), Laghu(L), Laghu-virama(LV), Guru(G) and Pluta(P):

01.D D L L P
02.D D A L L P
03.D DV L P
04.L D L
05.G G P
06.D D L L P & D DV L L P
07.D D DV L L P P

Tala is full of mathematics but nothing else. Mathematics is full of precision but nothing else.
But, most unfortunately, I am compelled to tell that we all are mislead even by Sharngadeva the Great, who, even without having the correct and full knowledge of Talaprastara, dared to furnish a very highly contradictory version of it covering in 100 Shlokas (one-fourth of 400 Shlokas of Taladhaya) in his Sangita Ratnakara and nobody was able to find his misdeed for many centuries. And, most unfortunately, for all the next generations, the same has very simply been copied by all other followers keeping each and everybody in pitch dark in this respect. Had he known the full details of Talaprastara and had he followed the path of his predecessor Parshvadeva (Sangita Samayasaara) he would have furnished the authentic serial numbers to all the 120 Talas of his treatise. But, he didn’t. More over, adding fuel to the fire, while prior to him were either 101 or 108 Talas only, he wantonly brought out another list of 120 Talas in which he took advantage of including two Talas, Nisshanka-tala and Sharngadeva-tala, carrying his own title and name. Later, in the same manner, even Bhandaru Lakshminarayana also dared to do the same by furnishing an entirely new-list of 120 Talas which ends with two Talas, Bharatajnakuleshvara-tala (may be his title I do not know) and Lakshnaahvaya-tala (in his own name) along with the topic, Talaprastara containing contradictory versions. In spite of all his contradictions, most surprisingly, he was even honored with Gajaarohanam (not Ajaarohanam of course) and Kanakaabhishekam (not Shunakaabhishekam of course). Even for having simply copied some Talaprastara-tables from some other book that too with some incorrect figures, Shyama Shastry has even been named after ‘Talaprastara-shyama-shastry’. In lieu of spending my precious life of four decades to solve this unsolved-problem of Talaprastara I am not going to ask anybody to honour me with such Ajaarohanam or Shunakaabhishekam or Talaprastara-mallikarjuna-sharma or Sangitakalanidhi or haratanatna but to request our brothers and sisters to learn this invaluable topic Talaprastara, which is the base of the system of our Tala only preserve it and also to pass it on to the posterity.

For example, just like the figure ‘179’, there will be only one figure ‘179’ in the universe and there will never be another such figure at all. In the same manner, when our brother-member, ganeshpv asked we must be able to give only one single version of ‘Lakshmisha-tala’ but not nine or even more proving our inability and foolishness.

Once, nearly 30 years back, Prof. S.R.Janakiraman pleaded with me that our Tala has no system at all like our Raga. Then, I opposed him telling that while our Raga has a system which is not applicable to Vakra-ragas, our Tala, having mathematical base of precision, has a fool-proof system and that I am ready to prove it at any time and place. He immediately withdrew his statement telling me sorry but, later, unfortunately, wrote incorrect definitions in his Sangita Saara (Telugu) in this respect.

No doubt, everybody’s birth-right is to write a book and get fame and money. In this process many have already written umpteen books to mislead all the later generations. Of course, we can’t help!!!

Even though, some people, who doesn’t want to exert themselves in learning this laborious topic Talaprastara but are ready in mud-slinging, must know that this Talaprastara alone is the only base of this system of Tala. This is the part of our Great Indian Culture and we all must feel it as our duty to preserve it in a proper way and also to give it to the posterity but not for neglecting or mud-slinging. amsharma

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#5 Re: what's the structure of taala Laksmisha?

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Many links describing the Thillana in Lakshmisha ( Lakshmisam ) Tala by Poochi Srinivasa Iyengar claim that this Tala has 108 aksharas . But by listening to it I could not confirm this affirmation . What I heard was a cycle of 25 aksharas .

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