How can I learn Konnakol?

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#1 How can I learn Konnakol?

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Hi All,

I live in US and am a lot interested in learning Konnakol.. What are the ways to learn it? Are there any books or DVDs available?


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#2 Re: How can I learn Konnakol?

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Dear Member

there are many ways you can learn Konnakkol but if you dont have a beginning in Tala and Laya it is better not to learn through books and DVDs. First learn this art through a proper and experienced Guru to learn the concepts, internalisation of Jatis, Muktayees, arudis, korvais, moras etc and then if you supplement it with books then it might be possible.

straight away learning from a book on a performing art like Konnakkol is not advisable.

Om Tat Sat

Mannarkoil J Balaji

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