Selling two mridangams in North Carolina, USA

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#1 Selling two mridangams in North Carolina, USA

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Hello all,
I would like to sell a couple of my mridangams. On the first place, I am not sure if such ads are discouraged here for any reason. If so, I apologize and will be more than happy to pull down this post myself.

Both mridangams are Kappi mridangams. One is a 26 inch mridangam (longer than the usual 24 inch ones) and the other is a 5 kattai mridangam. The former is made from very old wood carved out from pillars of old mansions in Kumbakonam. The later has a coconut tree kattai.

Both have a novel nut/bolt assembly by which the user can remove and reinstall the mootu (skin heads) by himself/herself. Hence these mridangams are more useful for performing musicians and budding artists. Its good for people who like to practice on kappi mridangams, as well.

For more information and photos please email me at [email protected] or call me at 757-469-9547. I am located in NC, USA and am willing to ship the mridangams, if the need be.

Thanks !

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