Exclusive Kuraippus in Adi Tala (Lec-dem by Tumkur B Ravishankar)

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#1 Exclusive Kuraippus in Adi Tala (Lec-dem by Tumkur B Ravishankar)

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Original title : LecDem ... Korappus

Language : Kannada


Both Konnakol and Mridangam ( at the end ) .

Among the topics covered :

Mishra Kuraippu , Khanda Kur. , Tishra K. , Kuraippu from Sama to Sama ( I think he says " samadinda " ) .

Some of the classical Kuraippu phrases are rended in pancha-gati ( pancha nadai ) manner , some only until double chatushram without sankirnam .

In the beginning there is an example of a small concluding phrase that is rendered in a decreasing manner :
First every Avartan , then every half-avartan , every 2 aksharas and finally every akshara .
This seems to be related to the idea of Kuraippu .

Some of the phrases used are typical Muktayis , and others are like some kind of phrase where the muktayi pala comes 4 times instead of 3 , but interestingly it fits from Sama to Sama .

At the end : Farans , Mohra , Korvai .

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