Rivers of India (Bombay Jayashri, Kaushiki Chakraborty)

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#1 Rivers of India (Bombay Jayashri, Kaushiki Chakraborty)

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I am delighted to share on this forum my music video 'Rivers of India' featuring leading singers such as Kaushiki Chakraborty and Bombay Jayashri; a video released by the International Center for Clean Water,IIT Madras - that strives to create awareness on the water resources of India. The lead singers are supported by their sons Amrit Ramnath and Rishith Desikan and a number of supporting singers. The audio production was carried out by the sound wizard Sai Shravanam.

I composed this song last year, just prior to the pandemic; the song strings together the names of about 51 rivers from all over India in song in the raga Yamuna Kalyani in a 7 beat cycle; The visuals and the captions tell the story. The song gently transitions to Kiravani and contrasts the pristine water sources of yesteryears with the polluted reality of today. It concludes with a message of optimism - that we as humanity can come together to nurture and protect our water resources. This is visually portrayed by a global virtual chorus of singers and a dramatic key change soon after the introduction of the lone Tamil phrase 'naDanthAi vAzhi'.

This project was produced through remote collaboration; I sent the initial session files with my vocals; the final arrangements, mixing and mastering were all done at Resound Studios, Chennai. Audio tracks were recorded in Chennai, Calcutta and other places.

I would love to hear feedback from Rasikas.


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