Tambura without jiva

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#1 Tambura without jiva

Post by uday_shankar » 17 Apr 2016, 14:40

Glad to share a little clip of the new tambura bridge design, one of the by products of the chitravenu project :).


Quoting from the youtube description:

"This is the tambura portion of the string box of the chitravenu. These strings are at the edge of the sound box and hardly audible under normal circumstances because they don't get any "action" from the sound board. Also, I was scratching my head as to how to make them buzz like a real tambura, given that the bridge was a knife edge. I was toying with inelegant solutions like cutting out that portion of the bridge and replacing it with a wider tambura-like bridge into which a jivaari thread can be inserted. Instead, this novel solution keeps the knife edge bridge (and hence greater energy transfer between string and sound board than a regular bulky, tambura bridge) and the buzz is created by way of a little L-section attachment from the top of which the special buzzing screws are dropped. Take a listen !"
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