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#1 Music Jokes

Post by hanquill » 22 Aug 2014, 21:10


1. In a concert a vidwan ws singing D. kriti -the famous-"Vaa thaa pi ganapathim"-he was doing manodharmaswaram-in"Vaa tha"
a) Sa Nu pa Gu ri-Vaa thaa
b)Pa gu ri saNi Sa Ri- "Vaa thaa"
One rasika stood up and said" Ok Ok we will give you(he meant in Tamil "Vaa thaa") Ha! Ha!

2. aA singer started singing-the thyagaraja swami kriti-"Sa Ni Thodi"..
One rasika stood up and said-"-"Why do you curse the famous raaga Thodi...)
(He meant Sa NI Thodi-in Tamil) Ha! Ha!

3. A singer was singing and to reach the highest pitch he raised his hand max.
One rasika said"OK go ahead-Sky is the limit"-Ha! Ha!

4.A singer started singing in Tamil" Nee thaan enakku athaaram"- One rasika said-"We know We know-proceed-Ha! Ha!

5.In a concert the fan was not working-the singer said _"Sweating Sweating!
One rasika said "Defenitely you have todo"-Ha! ha!

6.In a concert ,there was no proper coordination between violinist and the singer.
On rasika said-" Both stand poles apart"-Ha! Ha!

7.In a concert'" taniavarthanam" was going on,and finally it resulted in
a fight between the two.The singer said "I am really between devil and deep sea"-Ha! Ha!

8.One singer was singing"Sindhu Bharavi"
One over enthusisatic rasika said -"Bharavi"
The man next him crrected him saying "It is Sindhu Bhairavi"
The affected rasika didi not yield-he said "What if? -I have covered half-way" Ha! Ha!

9.One singer was singing ,placing his Guru"s photo in front of him.
One rasika said "OK-He is making his Guru responsible for all the mistakes he is committing"-Ha Ha!

10.One singer was singing-RTP and was doing badly.
One raska said" Why this venture?-Ha! Ha!

11.One singer, in a concert said "I am going todo the most difficult Tala" Simmanandana Tala"-having 108 aksharas
One rasika said" Best of luck"-Ha Ha !

12.One singer was singing and said "it is -Chathurasra Jati Triputa Taala"
One knowledgable rasika siad" it is nothing but AAdi Tala"

Another rasika "Then why he makes so mcuh noise"-ha! Ha!

13A singer was doing"Tisra Jhampa Taala" and at times he saw the violinist toshow his prowess.
Violinist -I can"t jump like you" Ha1 Ha!

14.Ina concert "the singer reapeated a "Sangati" Four times.
One said-"It is like a "stuck record"-Ha! Ha!

15.In a concert the singer said-"I am going to do -the most difficult raaga and the most difficult tala"
One rasika said"He! remember-you have the most difficult rasika s"-Ha! ha!

16In a concert the violinist after having made 3 or 4 attempts, he finally played correctly.
The singer said"What a wonder! What a wonder! Ha! Ha!

17. Asinger was wearing -Tuppatta, Gibba,ashes on forehead etc
One rasika said" Out and out he is a "Siva Pazham" .(Tamil)Ha1 Ha!

18.A singer was singing Raaga "Karna Ranjani" and doing badly.
One raska said "He is singing "Karna Vanjani"(Tamil)

By hanquill/Pammal hari
Pl see blog"Pammal Hari"-Google-for 1000 jokes.

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Ha! Ha!
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