Abhishek [email protected] on Dec 03rd,2019

Review the latest concerts you have listened to.
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#1 Abhishek [email protected] on Dec 03rd,2019

Post by rajeshnat »

Abhishek [email protected] on Dec 03rd,2019
Vocal : Abhishek Raghuram
Violin : SruthiSagar
Mrudangam : Patri Satishkumar
Tambura : A young lad
Occassion : BGS inaugral event followed by this concert
Concert Type : Nirvana and free
Time/Day : 6:50 pm to 09:05 pm ,Monday
Sabha : Brahma gana sabha, Sivagami petachi auditorium

01. varnam(RS,S) - chalamela -shankarabharanam -ST
3 mins swaras

02. rArAmA yenti - asaveri- T

03. ninnu juchi(RS,S) - sowrashtam - patnam
2 mins alapana and 3 mins swaras
04. raghupatE rAma - sahana - T

05A.janani ninnuvinA (R,CS,S) - reetigowlai - subbaraya sastri
12 mins alapana and 6 mins flute return
6 mins swaras
05B. tani for 14 mins

06.nennarunchi nAnu (R,S) - malavi - T
6 mins alapana and 2 mins flute
2 mins swaras

07. bhavayAmi raghuramam (R) - saveri + nattaikurinji +dhanyasi + mohanam + mukhari + poorvikalyani + madhyamavati - ST
had a brief raga alapana for all 7 ragas followed by the majestic krithi
08. pavamAna

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#2 Re: Abhishek [email protected] on Dec 03rd,2019

Post by rajeshnat »

Brahma gana sabha honoured the musically brilliant hyderabad brothers with their prime award and the governor of tamilnadu presided the BGS inaugral function. I was not there and I came into the hall at around 06:35 , The dais was cleared and the concert started at 06:50 pm.

Abhishek is personally my second favorite artist for me . He has brilliant ideas ,this concert was a free concert , I was wondering will that end in less than 2 hours like last year where his chitti Jayanthi kumaresh wrapped up in 2018 inaugral concert . But I certainly got great music despite he singing for a 2 hour and 20 mins time.

Abhishek with sruthisagar in flute , i tasted last year in NGS. The combo is good but I would still love to have the divine violin which suits accompaniment more than the divine flute which has its limitation to follow closely. The start in shankarabharanam was well done ,abhishek voice was in fine form and with quick swaras he moved on to asaveri . Way back in 2001 2003 time frame i think that review is there in the submerged waters of sangeetham.com , I just loved abhishek for his asaveri . Abhishek brings a shade of speed with no loss of emote when he sings ra rama yenti or chandram bhaja . Yesterday it was rarama yenti , thyagaraja krithis especiallly when sung with a responsive mrudangist like patri was indeed a sure success. Loved the asaveri

The fast paced sowrashtram ninnu juchi showed abhishek mastery of how he comprehends with such speed and more importantly his speed never kills music for most time . The contrast of fast paced sowrashtram with a relatively slower vilambam of sahana was intense hit in my head. Abhishek gives a lot of MDR ish touches and in general sahana suits beautifully to give that aha experience . I loved raghupathe rama despite he starting repeatedly with the phrase rakshasa bheema.

ALapana singing in this generation belongs to abhishek. One can kind of say all musicians are all trailing bit behind him in alapana . The first long alapana came in as reetigowlai . Lovely ideas with such precision and he kept it bit more in the lower to middle register to perhaps not give flute accompaniment any chance to fluctuate with a varying shruthi. I expected janani ninnuvina and indeed that came in . semmangudi patantara was intact and well presented . Swaras had a share of slightly excess kanakku which i dont like but that is a bit of annoyant abhishek and it was very minimal.

Some one post the tani shouted pallavi . I know for sure patri heard but i am not sure if abhishek heard. Around that time malavi alapana popped up in a racy GNBish style . I did not recognize malavi on time but an elderly couple were seated next to me . The elderly Dad said mAlavi , the racy krithi neranunchi naanu annitiki was started with a repeated stress of annitiki . The cittaswaras were superb in malavi , malavi is at the crossroads of many ragas , what can i say many harikambodhi janyas are bonkers to me but only sadguru thyagaraja with a panorama of musicians of past like GNB-SSI- MMI gave life to Thyagaraja by their distinct style .

At the end of malavi i assumed the elderly DAD taste and asked him sir unga all time favourite GNB thaanE . He said no It is Semmangudi. Enough of suspense the elderly couple who sat next to me was mahavishnu - Ramesh's dad and mom. Patri and Abhishek briefly talked some discussion happened , i heard patri telling pallavi . I thought WoW it is RTP when he began with saveri and proceed to nattaikurinji thinking if that could be 2 raga pallavi. But as he moved to dhanyasi and mohanam , I told Ramesh's dad , Sir unga all time favourite Semmangudi krithi bhavayami raghuramam is on its way.

What a joy it must have been atleast 3 to 4 decades before when many like me were not even born . That was the time when musical giant semmangudi felt this bhavayami raghuramam is a tad too boring to have so much of lines in one raga with just saveri . He felt let me retune with 7 ragas and gave a fresh varnish for bhavayami raghuramam. Abhishek Raghuraman felt after roughly 80 to 90 years let me give my personal second round of varnish with 7 cute brilliant alapanas in succession and then launch with this krithi . This song is where we all visualized the musical intensity of abhishek . I thoroughly enjoyed it .

The concert ended from there on . Sruthisagar is a brilliant flute artist at times I am not getting an oppportunity to hear his serene blowing power. He did well and did not disturb abhishek flow . Patri is a spectacular accompanist and he showed how much of rhythmmic intelligence he can add to give a near 90 percentile success .Tani was slightly bit loud but that is ok , I was not that much concentrating being a tiresome working day

Finally some thoughts about abhishek which are just not related to this concert , I feel like writing which I have just added in his own abhiskek thread. Check viewtopic.php?f=12&t=8587&p=357195#p357195

Overall an excellent concert for 2 hours and 20 mins.

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#3 Re: Abhishek [email protected] on Dec 03rd,2019

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You better tell us your December schedule so that I don't miss you again. I happened to come in as he was going on with janani ninnu vinA and I have some interesting metaphors for the day. More when I get some time. Unlike last year, this year I simply can't get spare time to write.

Live review is useless in concerts that I can't attend from the start and I'm not such a fan of it now as I spend all the time writing and not concentrating on the music.

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