Has anybody heard of Palghat Ramchandran?

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#1 Has anybody heard of Palghat Ramchandran?

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Hi all,

I am wondering if anybody here has heard of a mridangist by the name of Palghat Ramachandran? I have heard first hand from multiple senior mridangist praise him and have been told that he was "better" than Palghat Mani Iyerl! One such artist taught me a mohara composed by Palghat Ramchandran in misra chapu and it is one of the most complicated moharas I have learned (in terms of it being off beat).

Alas, all information I have heard about him have been from first hand account, but I did not find any information online. I am hoping to see if anyone has heard of him, and could maybe share their opinion. Are there any living recordings? Any information would be great!

Thank you!

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