Sri NV Subramanian is no more.

Remembering musicians of the recent past
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K Nagarajan
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Sri NV Subramanian is no more.

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It has been reported in the FB pages that Sri NV Subramanian who was promoting classical music through Saraswathy Vaggeyakara Trust is no more.
Om Shanthi. ... l/?app=fbl

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Re: Sri NV Subramanian is no more.

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Ohm shanthi.

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Re: Sri NV Subramanian is no more.

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Another long time music organizer and nurturer is gone. I had heard of Sri. Subramanian of Saraswathi Vaggeyakara Trust and of his involvement in promoting music for many years from the family circle. Once we started attending the season regularly from the mid-nineties, we witnessed how devoted he was in his mission to promote CM. Along with his friend at NGS, a veteran among CM organizers, Sri. Krishnaswamy, NVS was highly respected in the CM world. The concerts at NGS mini hall were under his care, and he would stay during the season at Woodlands instead of commuting--to make sure that all concerts went without a hitch. And for all that he did, he was a very unassuming organizer. His love for music was such that his son (a bank official??) has become a vidwan of merit: Sankaranarayan.
Heartfelt sympathy to Sankar's mother, to him and to the rest of the family.
It's consoling to hear though that he had an anAyAsa maraNam (demise without any illness or suffering, but just as if in sleep)--after watching a cricket match! May the good soul rest in peace...Om shAnti...

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Re: Sri NV Subramanian is no more.

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What a sad loss with the passing away of this great patron NVS Sir , To the best of my knowledge these are his unique traits

1. He is in the league of great patrons like Nadopasana srinivasan, Safe Ramabadran very very self driven one man army.

2. He rents usually the NGS Mini hall and he puts his saraswati vaggeyakara banner ,at no point I have seen him showing off that he is a sabha organizer. Most of the times he sits alone in first or second row and only intensely hears the musician.

3. I knew him by face and with his name going rounds with his saraswathi vaggeyakkara trust . Once i went all the way to Tambaram East where near his home he had rented a school hall and there was considerable turnout for his sabha. Once TRS mama told him ivan peru Rajesh and i and him smiled in person, thats it . TRS mama has specifically told me once where he was ga ga with NVS mama.

4. He had a particular love and interest for vaggeyakkara angle for most time and he kept the ethos around that . At times he also goes with a RTP series too. IF there is new talent he brings in and if there is intense matured vidwat he also brings them in . No hidden agenda or bias , but i read some where in the hindu last week that he adores madurai mani.

5. He values time and to the best of my knowledge there has been no delayed start. Even if it is dedicated to say Sadguru thyagaraja it was complete musical time given to artist and just towards the end there is just small pooja or camphor lighting , all along he kept it intense for music sake.

6. I read somewhere some time that he was a violinist who learnt some time from Lalgudi jayaraman , he has accompanied few performers but i have neither heard nor seen any photo.

8. He having worked in Indian railways 4 to 6 decades back he has even delayed by few minutes or hour to help carnatic musicians board the train after their mofussil concert in deep southern or central tamilnadu . This is what i read some where some time.

9. About 10 to 15 years back he did take a bunch of vidwans and vidushis and did some yatra and music tour in sacred places honouring vaggeyakkaras like ettayapuram , dikshitar tour . At all times he wanted to focus on the ethos first for CM ,as i personally age i realize that is what is absolutely right

COndolences to his son V Sankaranarayanan and extended family . V Sankaranarayanan id is dikshitar here . I saw the hindu obituary few weeks back that he was 90 years old . NVS joins great organizers like Safe Ramabadran , Nodopasana Srinivasan and their organising life is 10 times more difficult as they dont have hall of their own .

N V S indeed leaves a distinct and quite irreplaceable footprint in the patronage side of CM. Om shanthi N V S sir.

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Re: Sri NV Subramanian is no more.

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Fondly remember the CD(s) of Prof. SRJ's 72 mela Ragamalika of Sri Mahavaidyanatha Iyer lecdem distributed through Sri VKV (cacm) from Sarasvati Vaggeyakkara trust. I did not know the name of the person behind the trust then, and later reconnected putting a name and face to it, when he appeared in speeches in Arkay center.

Such service to music!

Condolences to the family.

Om Shanti.

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