Thaye Yashoda lyrics

Place to go if you want to ask someone identify raga, tala, composer etc or ask for sāhitya (lyrics) or notations or translations.
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Thaye Yashoda lyrics

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Namaste all,
I was wondering if Thaye Yashoda has only 7 charanams or 8 charanams in its lyrics? All the websites I see have only 7 charanams. But Krishna's counter "Illai Illai Illai amma" in Mohanam has 8 charanams. I was wondering why does this discrepancy exist? In any case, can Lakshman ji or anyone post the full lyrics of Thaye Yashoda please? I would be grateful..


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Re: Thaye Yashoda lyrics

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They are already posted in this topic. ... ode#p49056

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