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#1 T.S.Balakrishna Sastrigal

Post by sairaam » 29 Nov 2012, 17:55

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#2 Re: T.S.Balakrishna Sastrigal

Post by rajeshnat » 15 Oct 2018, 18:20

If you think center of music is Tanjore ,Trichy Tirunelveli,Mysore,Matunga, Malleshwaram, Mambalam, Mylapore we can debate for life. But I know this place Thiruvidaimarudhur , a small village exactly in between Mayavaram and kumbakonam. There are just 3 artists whom i know there and see the quality. (recalling in the order of my acclimitization)

1. Thiruvidaimarudhur - Flute Mali. World has never witnessed any instrumentalist as great as Flute Mali

2. Thiruvidaiamarudhur - balakrishna sastrigal(TSBS). World has never witnessed any dramamusic intersect artist as great as Harikatha artist TSBS

3. Thiruvidaimarudhur - Rajagopalan Subramaniam(TRS) . More better known as Taala Raaga Swaroopan. I have told enough about him in our forum.

I am yet to know if TSBS and TRS were indeed born in Thiruvidaimarudhur despite their initials representing that village .I do know Mali was born in Tiruvidaimarudhur.

TSBS is just about to celebrate his 100th anniversary. A week or so back TSBS had a 99th anniversary celebrations and an award was given to the great drama actor Late Neelu of Cho troupe and his wife Mrs Shantha Neelakantan recieved. Late Neelu was an ardent bhakthan of TSBS.

There are 3 parts of TSBS jayanthi function. Check atleast these 2 parts

Part 1 where his excerpts of TSBS is put

Part 3 Swami Omkarananda speaks about TSBS

Personally just heard only one upanyasam of Brahmasri TS Balakrishna Sastrigal that i recollect vaguely .He is fascinating, blend of bhakthi, intellect and the content just flows and flows. His son Sb kanthan is turning out to the best of best archive and content curator in doing everything about great artists.

The hindu write up of this function dated oct04,2018
https://www.thehindu.com/society/histor ... 122991.ece

If there is a town/village it has to be Thiruvidaimarudhur .I know only 3 people from there and see the quality of each of the three.
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#3 Re: T.S.Balakrishna Sastrigal

Post by HarishankarK » 19 Oct 2018, 09:12

Thanks for initiating this post - he was a great Harikatha exponent - especially his Tyagaraja Charitram was superb !
Good emotive singer also and loved his neravals. He was able to transport us to the scene - so good were his emotive skills

It would be great to get more insight on him and his life
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#4 Re: T.S.Balakrishna Sastrigal

Post by ajaysimha » 30 Oct 2018, 14:44

once again thanks a lot for initiating this topic.

in one of this upanyasams "guruguha jayathi" on muttuswami dikshithar.

sastrigal explains us how mutthuswami dikshithar val accepted the invite from thagarajar and went to his residance and sang mamava pattabi rama in manirangu , then when requested by M.D. thyagarajar sings koluvai yunnade in bhairavi.

the way sastrigal explained the incident of 2 mahaans meeting is superb!!! (you can feel goosebumps)
actually sastrigals refers this incident as 2 ganga rivers meeting at once
(he means 1 ganga itself is so divine and purer , what if 2 gangas meet ?)
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#5 Re: T.S.Balakrishna Sastrigal

Post by ajaysimha » 30 Oct 2018, 14:55

one more important thing what i learnt from TS balakrishna sastrigal is:

[Samaana Darianam] which he used to stress on almost all his upanyasams/harikathas.

i.e we must have the samaana darishanam (The equal vision) among-st all the gods
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