AMS Easy Methods 2007 CD - Teaching and Learning Methods

To teach and learn Indian classical music
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#576 Re: AMS Easy Methods 2007 CD - Teaching and Learning Methods

Post by msakella » 29 Mar 2018, 09:04

If all the music-teachers, without singing themselves, initiate their students to learn music in this novel method of learning the aspirants will certainly become benefited by saving their invaluable time, energy and money. But, the efficient teachers who can manage both the Chaturashra and Trisra-gatis efficiently and who give high preference to the kids than the money can only follow this and help the aspirants and their respective parents which, in fact, becomes a million dollar question.

In continuation to the post No.573, the videos of Saveri Varna both in Chaturashra and Trisra-gatis sung by Chi. Chennu Akhileshwar, who had worked on his own and learnt them without my help at all, are now uploaded and the respective urls are funished hereunder for the benefit of the interested aspirants. amsharma
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