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#1 Charumathi Ramachandran

Post by Rsachi » 02 Dec 2015, 09:53

I don't know if there is a thread on this vidushi. There is someone in AIR 100.1 FM Bangalore who likes her music. They play label records of various vocalists 8:30-9:30 am on those days when they don't feature current day veena and violin artistes. For the second time in a few months' period, they played a list of songs she has recorded.
In an innovation that predates TMK, they randomly play tracks. You could have a nice ashtapadi or Dasara pada before varnam and then Sri Rajagopala in Saveri.

I really liked her Saveri and the Va Muruga renditions. She has a high pitched voice and a true MLV style. If anyone could lead me to more of her good recordings I would be grateful. She was popular in 80s and 90s.
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#2 Re: Charumathi Ramachandran

Post by kvchellappa » 02 Dec 2015, 12:56

She is the guru of Sangitha Sivakumar (Mrs.TMK).
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#3 Re: Charumathi Ramachandran

Post by shankarank » 20 May 2018, 03:27

Found these and heard them. Just only a couple of dozen views. But most people should hear it as an academic exercise. There were quite a few other such artistes unknown from MLV lineage that used to sing in growing up years for the local Thyagaraja utsavam in Madurai over the years. She also sang. But I have only vague memories.

Her approach strikes a close resemblance to Radha-Jayalakshmi duo.

and the rest should show up in the channel or by default in youtube.

There is this karahapriya one : - that I posted in the ragas section to study the limits of the raga. Like when does a thin film become thinner and thinner and gets to just one layer of atoms.
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#4 Re: Charumathi Ramachandran

Post by rajeshnat » 05 Jan 2019, 19:31

Lovely writeup of Charumathi Ramachandran in The Hindu dated Jan 01st in The Hindu ... 881343.ece
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#5 Re: Charumathi Ramachandran

Post by HarishankarK » 06 Mar 2019, 07:24

She is an excellent tunesmith.
Recently heard her tune of Bilvashtakam in Sangitapriya sung by her in radio concert. The kalapramanam, ragas chosen and singing is so emotive and awesome. She tuned the popular 'Om Namo Narayana in Karnaranjani'
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