Prince Rama Varma: Thaanam Audio CD

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#1 Prince Rama Varma: Thaanam Audio CD

Post by Rsachi » 04 Feb 2016, 19:30


This CD has been recorded with great fidelity in a royal chamber perhaps, with no accompaniments. Sri Ramavarma plays a bit of aalaapana and thaanam in four ragas one after the other: Behag, Kapi, Kamavardhini and Valaji. The pace is very leisurely and there are no gut-wrenching moments.

I feel the music is enjoyable and should be heard for its meditative quality and sound quality. The veena seems to be musing about its musical potential here!

I have taken the liberty of extracting and uploading some short samples for your listening pleasure.

I found this CD at home, I don't know how/where it can be bought.

You can get more information on the CD and the artiste at his website:
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#2 Re: Prince Rama Varma: Thaanam Audio CD

Post by musictalentindia » 21 Sep 2017, 12:08

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