Vintage Chittibabu 1968 - Celebrating Gowri & Ganesha Festival

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#1 Vintage Chittibabu 1968 - Celebrating Gowri & Ganesha Festival

Post by cpblog » 24 Aug 2017, 22:41

Dear Rasikas,

We decided to celebrate the Gowri & Ganesha Festival 2017 - so beloved to Karnataka Rasikas - with the ancient
and traditional strains of the Veena. Who better to pluck those strings than that great Vidwan Chittibabu - from
a vintage 49 years ago - when he performed for the same Gods at a concert held in 'Parvathi', Mysore, on
Aug 31,1968 - in the company of Vidwans Vellore Ramabhadran, Ramachar and Vaidyanathan.

Deciding to go a bit 'Global', even back then, the Vidwan also plays for us the delectable Bobby Darin number
'Come September" (from the movie by the same name) which was filmed in Italy and which was the rage of the
days in 1962 (In India, if memory serves right, it was also Billy Vaughn's Sax that pushed the theme's popularity ).

Please welcome to 'A Home called Parvathi' OR

CPBlog Team
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