Dr.S.Sunder @ Nadopasana - 11th May 2018

Review the latest concerts you have listened to.
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#1 Dr.S.Sunder @ Nadopasana - 11th May 2018

Post by MaheshS » 13 May 2018, 17:09

Dr.S.Sunder @ Nadopasana - 11th May 2018

Dr S Sunder - Vocal
J.B.Sruthi Sagar - Vocal / Flute accompaniment
?? - Violin
?? - Mridangam


Thamasinchu - Asaveri Varnam - PSI
Sanatana Paramapavana - Pahalamanjari - T
Ninnunera - Panthuvarvali [A,[email protected] Shastra ...] - T [NS joined in by SS - Flute]
Nayaki sktech by SS - Flute
Ranganayakam - Nayaki - MD
Parvathi Ninnu Ne - Kalkada - SS
Nekkurugi - Aboghi [AS] - PS [S joined in by SS - Flute]
Ezhiludai Hamsanadham Engum - Hamsanadham - TSI
Hidha Dokkade [??] - Hari Kambodhi [ANS] - Annmarcharya
A very short and sweet alapana by SS on the flute.
Sri Ramachandra - Bhajan
Karunai Deivame - Sindhu Bhairavi - Madurai Srinivasan
Bhajan - Desh

Bale bale, very nice concert. immense contribution from Sruthi Sagar.
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#2 Re: Dr.S.Sunder @ Nadopasana - 11th May 2018

Post by harimau » 13 May 2018, 17:15

MaheshS wrote:
13 May 2018, 17:09
Dr.S.Sunder @ Nadopasana - 11th May 2018

Dr S Sunder - Vocal
J.B.Sruthi Sagar - Vocal / Flute accompaniment
?? - Violin
?? - Mridangam
Violin is by V V Srinivasa Rao.
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#3 Re: Dr.S.Sunder @ Nadopasana - 11th May 2018

Post by kvchellappa » 13 May 2018, 17:22

Constructive post from the land of destructive president. Hope your tiger mask has been left behind!
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#4 Re: Dr.S.Sunder @ Nadopasana - 11th May 2018

Post by Pratyaksham Bala » 13 May 2018, 19:17

MaheshS wrote:
13 May 2018, 17:09
Dr.S.Sunder @ Nadopasana - 11th May 2018

Dr S Sunder - Vocal
J.B.Sruthi Sagar - Vocal / Flute accompaniment
?? - Violin
?? - Mridangam
R. Yogaraj - Mridangam
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#5 Re: Dr.S.Sunder @ Nadopasana - 11th May 2018

Post by hnbhagavan » 13 May 2018, 21:59

R .yogaraj - had never heard him.good Mridangam support.
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#6 Re: Dr.S.Sunder @ Nadopasana - 11th May 2018

Post by sankark » 18 May 2018, 23:01

MaheshS wrote:
13 May 2018, 17:09
Hidha Dokkade [??] - Hari Kambodhi [ANS] - Annmarcharya
ikadokkadE sarvEsharudu. [email protected] yasOdhakku kanna mAnikyamu. Recently heard in VS's concert in Mylapore.
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#7 Re: Dr.S.Sunder @ Nadopasana - 11th May 2018

Post by nsridhar22 » 22 May 2018, 23:53

A review of this concert from Facebook by Ramaswamy Narayanan.

Delectable concert by Dr S.Sundar 10 days ago.
I got a bit lost traveling back and forth over the next 4 days,then other concerts intervened,a couple of them crying for write-ups in between,and the good Doctor (Real Dr of Medicine!) got pushed to the back of my mind.
Listening to good music and not writing about it is the eighth major sin,Yajnavalkya sternly reminded me again in the wee hours....let me quickly make amends with whatever I can recall after all these days.
WOW,with the help of the items noted in my phone,I am happy to see I can recall quite a lot of Dr Sundar's concert.
First and foremost,the atmospherics. Listening to Sundar was like watching Ramanathan Krishnan in the 60s. The same spontaneity,the same touch artistry,the same pinpoint precision with the same occasional,lovable,vulnerability.If a drop volley yonder missed by a couple of cms,so be it,go for it again with a smile! Making the whole thing so human and enjoyable.It is a lark,folks!
For all that,no major vaggEyakkara was missed.The Trinity were there,Papanasam was there,Annamayya was there,Tanjore Sankara Iyer was there....Early on,Thyagaraja's ninnE nera namminAnura in Pantuvarali served notice the day was going to be sumptous treat,no dieting,by the Dr. The gripping niraval at vEda shAstra purANa vidyalacE bhEda vAdamula settled the "argument" the way the Saint wud have liked.
Next came the first of three highlights of the day....Dikshithar's Srirangam pancharatnam in nAyaki......"ranganAyakam bhAvayEham shrI ranganAyakI samEtham". If the eduppu at R P M P R stole my heart,the rendering of the whole krithi in absolute vilambam was an experience I can feel in my bones even now. Particularly enchanting was the way Sundar sang the anupallavi,giving poornatvam to nAyaki,the ragA chosen by Dikshthar with a pupose.Practically free of serrations,nAyaki flows serenely like river Cauvery on whose banks reclines Sri Ranganatha whose sayanam is described in the krithi.
The second highlight was Papanasam Sivan's abOgi krithi,.."Nekk-urugi Unnai Panidha kall nenjam...".First there was a clear,lilting raga essay. Next was the lip perfect eduppu of நெக்க்-உருகி. Rasikas well know half the time Nekk-urugi is begun as Naeykk-urugi and we suffer thru it! One of the many tests embedded in Sivan's apparently simple songs,Sundar executed the perfect "samam thallina" eduppu and நெக்க்-உருகி melted my heart as well.The whole song was emotively rendered with a riveting kuraiipu to round it off.
Now came Tanjore Sankara Iyer's Raga-lakshna krithi Hamsanadam, demanding,and getting,crystal clear articulation.Perhaps,Sundar is very fond of Hamsanadam,as his rendering of PattabhiRama (Oothukkadu) in the raga cud well be taken as a teaching model..
itaDokaDe sarvEswaruDu sita kamalAkshuDu Sree vEnkatESuDu ||
This is Annamayya's Harikamboji magnum where he asserts that Sri Venkatesa of Tirumala is the Supreme Lord!!..Sundar's raga exposition was both expansive and exquisite.The krithi was sung beautifully in assertive overtones,setting at rest all doubts,just the way Annamayya asserted.The power packed niraval at charanam lines starting, kaliki yaSOdaku kanna mAnikamu ...was verily the acme of the whole evening. The vinyasam rolled on like...He is Yashoda's precious gem. He is the rescuer of Gajendra in danger and...Sundar's emotive articulation together with spirited participation by SrinivasaRao on violin and Srithi Sagar on flute brought tears to my eyes..This is how a niraval should be! When R Yogaraja carried on with a thani taking off from where the main rendering left,without loss of the flow of the niraval /kuraippu,I felt,yes,this is what our music is all about,there is nothing like it in the whole world!
Post thani,too,was delicious,but let me close here as this has become too long and I think,anyway,I have given you a fair idea about how throbbing the evening's music was. Srinivasa Rao,the senior pro,was equal to every demand Sundar made on the violinist.His raga essays were honeyed and niraval/kuraippu exchanges soaked in melody. Same goes for the muti-faceted talent of Sruthi Sagar who supported with his voice and venugAnam in alternation.This was his way of paying tribute to his guru Dr Sundar.Bravo,Sagar. The clarity Yogaraja's nimble fingers brought to his mrudangam was a revelation to me,this being the first time I listened to him.He shadowed the krithis with musical sensitivity.Well done.
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