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Review the latest concerts you have listened to.
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[email protected] on May 13th,2018
Vocal : Suryaprakash
Violin : Nagai Sriram
Mrudangam : Mannarkoil Balaji
Ghatam : Adambakkam Shankar

Concert Type : Nirvana - no concert to follow
Day/Duration : Sunday/ 2 hours and 30 mins with roughly 12 mins of speech break
Concert Type : Free concert
Temple/Hall : Ranjani Hall , Nanganallur Sree thyagaraja sangeetha samajam Trust
Occasion : SV Ramani Day(Main founder of Ranjani hall who passed away a year or two back)

1A. Slokham - shruthi smrithi purAnAm... sankaram lOka sankaram - vAchaspathi - ????(Lji help)
1B. pArathparA parameshwara (N,S) - vAchaspathi - psivan
neraval in "ariyayanum kaaNa ariya jOti aadiyandamillaa pazhamanaadi" for 5 mins
swaras for 6 mins
2. O jegadambA - Anandabhairavi -SS

3. narasimha mAmava (R,citta swaras) - Arabi - ST
8 mins alapana and 4 mins violin return

4A. taayE yashodhE (R,N,S,T) - Todi - OVK
15 mins alapana and 7 mins violin return
neraval for 15 mins in "kAlinil shilambu konjak-kaivaLai kulunga muttu mAlaigaL asaiyat-teru vAsalil vandaan"
swaras for 4 mins
4B. tani for 9 mins

Speech break by nanganallur ramanathan and brief speech by Suryaprakash on this great patron Late SV Ramani

5.arul seyya vEndum ayyA (R,S) - rasikapriya - Koteeeswara iyer
5 mins alapana and brief return by sriram
4 mins swaras

6.nagumOmu (R) - Abheri - T
4 mins alapana

7A. viruththam - kunram eRindadum - hameerkalyani +
Kalpothumbum KAthaduvum -sindhubhairavi +
ramani manoharan marugan kai mEl - aananda ragam - TirumurugAtrupadai
7B. azhagaya mayilinil - AanandaRagam - Composer not sure , but popularized by madurai somu

8. nee nAma roopamulaku - Sowrashtram - T

This concert was held in Nanganallur Ranjani hall and was a tribute to one of the founders of nanganallur samajam Shri S V Ramani. Ramani passed away last year back . Possibly i will write a seperate post on SV Ramani Sir as there was a great 10 mins speech by Nanganallur Ramanathan (very senior patron) and also few mins rejoinder by Suryaprakash.

# The concert started in a resplendent fashion . I am not sure the source of slokham but it was nice and he went directly into a submain like start . Many in the past like gnb have done where they usually land directly into a major start with submain krithi . ParatparA parameshwara hits the ground running like world war II soldiers in the beach of normandy. The allied troops of balaji-shankar-suryaprakash-sriram gave a sensational fireworks in the neraval and swaras with the line ariyayanum kaaNa ariya jOti.

# O jagadamba came next , the rendition was not very much on the lines of say MMI but it was bit slower with lovely diction . Personally to me this rendition was in line to a memorable mahavidwan TN Seshagopalan O jagadambA rendition that i heard a decade back . This krithi is one of a kind, every line there is such a great musical phrase you name it ,even the beginning O with 0 meaning has so many anandhabhairavi O's . As the krithi moves needless to say few goosebump lines and intense meaning of ishtha devata of shyama sastri with key phrases like rajamukhi , kamAkshi has so much aananda bhairavi oomph.This raga anandabhairavi and this krithi O jegadamba can be the first carnatic primer for any incoming fresh blood rasika to taste a bit longer stand alone krithi.

# Suryaprakash moved on to next with a fairly detailed alapana of Arabi ,the swathi krithi with cittaswaras was well done but nothing great when compared to what came next . What a lovely todi alapana his voice did not have that much of base say 4 years back , now todi is truely weighty todi . There was a standard bedham detour to mohanakalyani . The alapana was well done and one of a kind krithi taaye yashodhE came next with arresting sarvalagu taps.

# The days best was indeed that neraval line kAlanil silambu for 15 mins which was like a great wall of Todi with no chinaware stuff. While the neraval of ariyayanum kAnA in vachaspathi was more a full line length neraval taken like the great GNB sir. THis one had in and out ganakaladhara MMI , lines were segmented with kaalinil silambu sub segment taking considerable time . The neraval in todi was an extra ordinary demonstration of not just vocalist ideas but a simply spectacular return by Nagai Sriram who bowed with such precision.

# After speech break by senior sabha patron Nanganallur Ramanathan sir, suryaprakash mentioned briefly that Late S V ramani was an intense tanjore s kalyanaraman fan and he dedicated the next exotic vivadi beauty -arul seyya vendum ayya in rasikapriya to both ramani and SKR. In many krithis SKR gives a bit of hindustani meend like drag ,for sure i felt the same touch with Suryaprakash in singing this krithi with the same gay abandon feeling of sunaadha vinodhan. The nagumOmu in Abheri was a surprise post tani and sadguru was ticked with a big tick.Abheri was well received and the last anandaragam gave a great closure with the viruththam giving a great thrust.

# Nagai Sriram is perhaps the best manaseega sishya of Lalgudi Jayaraman . He has the near same Carbon copy blot memory of Lalgudi in returns . Everything he played was superb and his returns typically start with a slight less than one second smile in his face and then he gets every gamaka and brigha curves that the vocalist did. Paricularly kalanil silambu neraval immaculate returns were heavenly, his press with azhuttam particularly in todi lifted the concert.

# Mannarkoil balaji gave very good support . His clarity particularly toward madhyamakALam was great and his tani was brief considering that the food was also served post concert for the nearly full house. Adambakkam shankar grabbed opportunity and with a longer cycle of non fragmented neraval and swaras ,I always feel percussion team gives far more aesthetics when suryaprakash is singing.

Small wish to patrons of nanganallur etal and artist
I wished this concert went slightly beyond 2 hours 30 mins . One small wish to artists and patrons of great sabhas like pozhichalur and nanganallur .When you say 6pm start , do start at 6pm dot time like a music academy .Hall is ready, sound system is ready before 6 then why there is grace time of 10 to 15 mins. I go to these places as they give 30 mins more which is huge plus .Needless to say extraordinary attentive crowd support from nanganallur. These sabhas are doing a far greater job than many big commercial sabhas as you give more time to artist and run through out the year . I am conjecturing suryaprakash could have taken atleast another 10 minutes of todi swaras instead of the censored todi swaras . My only problem with this concert was a very reduced swaras in todi and possibly a censored NagumOmu ending with just krithi .

This comment does not take away anything with the sabha patrons of NSTSS who are doing a fantafabulous job. In the speech I heard that the family of ramani sir is going to continue the legacy with renewed passion and sponsor monthly series. That is just simply wonderful.

Overall an excellent concert for 2 hours and 30 minutes inclusive of 12 minutes of speech .
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