Vijay Siva, Astika Samajam, 15/May/2018

Review the latest concerts you have listened to.
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#1 Vijay Siva, Astika Samajam, 15/May/2018

Post by sankark » 15 May 2018, 19:44

With AkkaraiSubhalakshmi, NeyveliNarayanan & DrSKathick
Under the auspices of Tiruvanmiyur Astika Samajam
In Jayashri Kalyana Mantapam, Thiruvanmyur

sAvEri varNam, 4 speeds till muktAyi, 2 for charaNam and chittaiswarams
dinamaNi vamsa [email protected] [email protected]
kalyANi kailAsapathE mAmpAhi bhU MV? [email protected] He took kalyANi for the warp and sheer magic for woof to weave a tapestry so wonderful that was sprinkled with various colours by AS, NN and K
shlOkam followed by brOvavammA bangAru bommA
madyamAvathi pArthasArathi nannu pAlimpa rAdA [email protected] paripAlaka
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#2 Re: Vijay Siva, Astika Samajam, 15/May/2018

Post by sankark » 15 May 2018, 21:02

toli nEnu jEyu pUjA
sAvEri srI rAjagOpAla bAla [email protected] thAraka divyanAma pArAyaNakrta nAradAdinuta tani controlled aggression
vAnchatOnu nA
bhArata puNya bhUmi jaya
viruththam rAgamAlikai (pAninaindhUttum thAyinum) followed by apArakaruNAsindhum
bhaktiyAl yAnunaip palakAlam in mOhanam?
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#3 Re: Vijay Siva, Astika Samajam, 15/May/2018

Post by pperumal » 16 May 2018, 00:54

what a consummate artist!!!! hats off.
- PP
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#4 Re: Vijay Siva, Astika Samajam, 15/May/2018

Post by rajeshnat » 16 May 2018, 12:56

[email protected] samajam (Thiruvanmiyur) on May 15th,2018
Vocal : VijaySiva
Violin : Akkarai Subhalakshmi
Mrudangam : Neyveli Narayanan
Ghatam : Adambakkam Shankar

Concert Type : Nirvana - no concert to follow
Day/Duration : Tuesday/ 2 hours and 30 mins with roughly 9 mins of speech break
Concert Type : Paid concert
Hall : Jayashri Kalyana Mantapam, Kalakshetra Road, Thiruvanmiyur

1. saveri varnam
2. dinamaNi vamsa(N,S) [email protected] [email protected]
neraval for 5 mins and violin return for 4 mins

3.kailAsapathE mAmpAhi - kalyani - MV
7 mins alapana and 5 mins violin return
7 mins swaras

4A.shlOkam gAndharva ... kanchipura - neelambari -
4B.brOvavammA bangAru - neelambari - SS

5.pArthasArathi nannu pAlimpa(R,N) - madhyamavati - Poochi
4 mins alapana and 4 mins violin return
neraval in sarvadharma paripAlaka for 4 mins

6.toli nEnu jEyu pUjA - kOkiladhwani?? - T
7A. shree rajagopAla (R N S T) -sAveri - MD
7 mins alapana and 5 mins violin return
neraval for 8 mins in narayana thAraka divyanAma parAyana kritha
swaras for 6 mins
7B. tani for 13 mins

Speech Break by narasimhan sir

8.vAnchatOnu nA - karnaranjani - HMB
9. bharatha punya bhoomi- kuntalavarALi - psivan

10A. viruththam palindhuinainDhu ootum - tevaram - kuntalavarAli +
chikkana pidithu - sahana +
sivaperumAne - sindhubhairavi
10B. apArakarunAmsindhum - sindhbhairavi

11. bhakthiyAl unai pala kAlam - mohanam - AGN
12. neenama + swasthi

This concert was held under the patronage of Astika samAjam Narasimhan Sir. The hall was not amarabharathi but Jayashri kalyana mantapam which is in kalakshetra road walkable from LB Road junction. Narasimhan sir is a fighter and he said he is trying with this hall for the first time. This hall is far better than amarabharathi.

# I am not recollecting any combination of vijay and akkarai or even vijay and neyveli narayanan .Possibly they did few concerts prior to internet sangeetham days .I donot like the ariyakudi repetition of varnam and main in the same ragam. As i came in i only heard the last bit of saveri varnam, so no complaints per se as i lost the varnam as i was late

# The next dinamani vamsa was well sung . Both the neraval and swaras were measured and there was no kind of trespass to allied ragas like kamas .kalyani alapana was a standard copy book alapana . The krithi was quite a head turner a rare vasudevacharya krithi which appeared as a combo of MD and ST krithi. Vijay had one of the tambura disciple also singing into the microphone . His name is Arun Shankar . Towards the first half of kalyani swaras, Vijay rotated with his disciple and took adequate voice rest to give more power with his volley of second half of kalyani swaras

# The joy of listening to vijay is he giving a very aesthetically brilliant combo of slokham or viruththam with a followup krithi. The slokham lines started in neelambari with words starting with gAndharava and ending with kanchi pura .Then he moved on to ShyamA sAstri krithi brovammA bangAru in neelamabari it was a thorough stress buster.

# Madhyamavati alapanA and and the krithi of poochi on parthasarathy came up next . I felt his energy there was slightly uneven but he made up very well.There was a fast filler kokiladhwani and with no fast swaras it was a good attempt by him, vijay's excellence in singing fast fillers is per se bit limited .The days best was indeed his saveri or may be his preceeding neelambari . The saveri alapana was measured with vijay taking lovely pauses and the grand shree rajagopala came fully clothed with aesthetics. Vijay took me to mannargudi rajagOpalaswami temple .The neraval lines in narayana tharaka divya nama was superb and he closely followed with an excellent dose of sAveri swaras.

# In the tukkadas vijay showed his class.THe vanchatonu of HMB in karnaranjani is not extremely intense , this particular karnaranjani with its few rounds of cittaswaras shows a light classical feel . But vijay did full justice . The next krithi bharatha punya bhoomi was possibly a remake by papanasam sivan of the popular thirruppavai mEle manivanna .I loved it and I was glad that he did not go overboard with his cymbals which he has done for few bharat mata themed krithis in the past . THe tevaram?? lines as viruththam palinai inaiNdhU Ootti began in kuntalavarali(again) and closed with sahana and sindhubhairavi was great, The viuththam ended with apArakaruNAsindhum was lovely.

# Akkarai was anchoring with a pracheena pidis and she really lifted the whole concert. There was intense classicism and with her slight err on bit longer proportion possibly helped vijay to rest his voice bit more . Neyveli Narayanan is a great artist he has speed and does not bang . His play was very appropriate and for few songs the contrast of his faster patterns with the little slower sangathis by vijay was aesthetically well done . S Karthick is always a joy , his presence in stage and ghatam are consistent and he upped the concert . I zoned a bit in not listening intently the tani . All in all it was an A + team and they had synergy despite not teaming that often.

# Narasimhan Sir gives an extended collection of anecdotes and thank god he kept it brief . I am certainly with him when he made comparison of vijay with yesteryear vidwans like mvi or gnb in saveri , he made a list of vidwans comparison for his kalyani . But he comparing TNR madhyamavati and vijay madhyamavati was not resonating with me .

VijaySiva strength is music that is intensely tied with the structure of sangathis and he was at ease and made all of us at ease . I personally felt he can sing bit more all by himself and not give vocal support microphone , after all musicians like OST who are 15 years his senior are still singing all alone . THe last sindhubhairavi where his disciple ArunShankar performance was great but in kalyani swaras there was a bit of mismatch of guru and sishya.

Overall an excellent concert for 2 hours and 30 mins inclusive of 9 mins speech break.
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#5 Re: Vijay Siva, Astika Samajam, 15/May/2018

Post by CRama » 16 May 2018, 15:24

Rajesh, Wonderful review as always.
Please correct Sree Rajagopala in the list as Saveri- wrongly written as Madhyamavathy.
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#6 Re: Vijay Siva, Astika Samajam, 15/May/2018

Post by arasi » 16 May 2018, 18:46

Thanks for the review. You are able to go to more concerts these days. Good for us. CRama is doing a great job, and others too. The Reviews Section is flourishing...
Glad to hear that Vijay Siva sang Parthasarathe which I haven't heard in ages! You may know that there is a recording of VVS of it from the late forties.
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#7 Re: Vijay Siva, Astika Samajam, 15/May/2018

Post by Lakshman » 17 May 2018, 04:36

toli nEnu jEyu pUjA is indeed in kOkiladhvani.
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