K Balachander, CM and films

Music that is not orthodox Carnatic or Hindustani.
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#1 K Balachander, CM and films

Post by kvchellappa » 09 Jul 2018, 18:51

https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/b ... -way-84430

The statement that Tamizh songs were sung as main items post-Balachander seems to be wrong.
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#2 Re: K Balachander, CM and films

Post by rshankar » 09 Jul 2018, 19:13

Just like Sruti bhEdam appears to be a beta test (which it probably is, except in expert hands/larynges) perhaps (betam)? :)
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#3 Re: K Balachander, CM and films

Post by MaheshS » 17 Jul 2018, 00:06

kvchellappa wrote:
09 Jul 2018, 18:51
https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/b ... -way-84430

The statement that Tamizh songs were sung as main items post-Balachander seems to be wrong.
Seems to be wrong? It *IS* wrong and an insult to all the people who were behind the Tamil Isai movement. For example, MSS was banned from singing in the Academy for a few years! Shoddy journalism.
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#4 Re: K Balachander, CM and films

Post by rajeshnat » 17 Jul 2018, 22:26

When i was growing up the film shankarabharanam was a big headturner for many to just start appreciating CM. Infact I am told by few elderly persons that CM was a lull in post 1968 to 1978 till this movie shankarabharanam came in at 1979. With respect to the movie Sindhubhairavi that also hooked up more masses to listen to CM for sure . Possibly there are bit more numbers in thamizh in general main stream concerts - forget about the thamizh isai concerts in Rajaannamalai mandram or a thamizh tainted concert in say Parthasarathy swami sabha .

For the last 15 years atleast after Telugu , tamil is at times even taking more share than even sanskrit in general in even non thamizh isai tagged concert . Since the listening mass are mostly tamilnadu domicile or even in other places there is a bit of higher critical count of thamizh speaking rasikas I guess artists make it a point to present more thamizh numbers.

Also some extremely popular songs of K balachandrar movie in unnal mudiyum thambi like ithayiL kadai ezhudum neramidhu , one connects even now more lalitha than a more pristine Hiranmayeem lakshmeem - though the causation of lalitha raga and tamil songs being taken is bit far fetched.
Around the time of Sindhubhairavi i know one vidwan who was just born around that year who said in one concert that Poo mAlai vAngi vAnden was so inspiring for him to take up another KAndAnumber. The kid who watched years later after the sindhubhariavi release was abhishek raghuram .

Attn MaheshS - At a macro level he is making a point that one good movie have far more reach than 1000 concerts and possibly KB movie moved many practioners to have more thamizh songs .Personally I would not dismisss this article that much as though it is Shoddy Journalisam.

If I ever was given a chance to write these kind of articles i would have written pages connecting illayaraja being responsible for more thamizh numbers. Causation and result is always left to ones imagination - it is kind of 50 50. Time for me to sleep now with a slow idhayil kadhai ezhudum neram idhu - illayaraja -KB deadly lalitha combination - not much time to hear tanjore ponniah pillai thamizh varnam :) in deep throated voice of Maharajapuram Ramachandran which not even 1 out 100,000 sindhubhairavi movie folks know of . There are still many who only read this article and still hear only PAdiriyen PadippariyEn in chaste saramathi ;) and from there not show any interest towards :arrow: going to a live concert to hear a Tanjore Shankara Iyer ManasarAmathi sivan makhanE or a mokshamu galada
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