Perspectives in ragas

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#1 Perspectives in ragas

Post by Tvm » 13 Jul 2018, 11:05

Greetings to all, Im curious to know if there are kritis descriptive about the structure and intricacies of a raga (s) in the song itself.
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bhakthim dehi
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#2 Re: Perspectives in ragas

Post by bhakthim dehi » 14 Jul 2018, 16:46

You have lakshana geetham - s.
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Christian Kenit Ram
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#3 Re: Perspectives in ragas

Post by Christian Kenit Ram » 14 Jul 2018, 17:13

This is actually one task I had set for myself in the future : To look for Lakshana Geetams for Carnatic ragas .

I was studying Hindustani Lakshan Geets some years ago and there is really a great wealth of it available online , but I did not go into its carnatic equivalents .
However , since Hamsadhwani has become so popular in the North ( Hansdhun ) , I think I remember having listened to some lak. geets in hindustani paddhati for it . So partially I had a little exposure to what a carnatic raga sounds in this format .

But since these posts remembered me about the existence of original carnatic style Lakshana geethams , I decided to do a quick search , but was surprised to find very little material ( Hamsadhwani and Revati ) . I then tried to find some Lakshana Geethams for Dwijavanthi ( from hindustani Jaijaiwanti ) , Darbari Kannada and Brindavani Saranga ( Vr. Sarang ) but did not find anything carnatic .
These 3 are among my favourite northern ragas that are also quite current in the South and already some years ago I discovered many hindustani lakshan geets for them and some I also wrote down .

Well , maybe these ragas are not so relevant for Lakshana Geethams , but I suppose that maybe some material for Kalyani , Mohanam , Hindolam could rather be found ....
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#4 Re: Perspectives in ragas

Post by Tvm » 16 Jul 2018, 22:35

Thank you all for your response // TVM
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