Abilash [email protected] Sabha on Aug 11th,2018

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#1 Abilash [email protected] Sabha on Aug 11th,2018

Post by rajeshnat » 12 Aug 2018, 16:32

Abilash [email protected] Sabha on Aug 11th,2018
Vocal : Abilash Giriprasad - 4th generation disciple of Semmangudi-> PSN->As Murali
Violin : kj Dileep - disciple of MSG
Mrudangam : Akshay Ananthapadmanabhan - disciple of TH Subhash Chandran and T S Nandakumar

Concert Type : Nirvana - no concert to follow
Day/Duration : Saturday/ 2 hours and 15 mins
Hall : RR Sabha 3rd floor hall,chandrasekara saraswati hall

1A. om nama pranavArthaya - dakshinamoorthy slokham
1B. inta cAlamu (R) - BEgaDa-patnam
2. namO namO raghukula nAyaka(RS,S) - nAttai - AC
swaras for 4 mins

3. cEtashri balakrishnam(R,S) - dwijAvanti - MD
2 mins alapana with no violin return
3 mins swaras

4. yArE rangana yArE krishnana (R,S)- hindOlam - PD
7 mins alapana and 4 mins violin return
5 mins swaras
5. vandanamu raghu nandana (RS)- sahAnA- T
few mins of alapana sketch

6A. vAnanai madhisoodiya (R N S T) - keeravani - appar(thirrunavakuarasar)
11 mins alapana and 6 mins violin return
neraval in vIranai viDamuNDanai viNNavar dhIranait-tiruvaNNAmalaiyanai for 7 mins
11 mins swaras
6B. tani for 8 mins

7A. slokham - shanthakAram bhujagasayanam - hamsAnandi + kApi
+ vishwAdDaram gagana - behag + vandE vishnum - sindhubhairavi
7B. bhaja bhaja manasa - sindhubhairavi - ST

8. kAdi MOdi - shankarabharanam -AGN Thirruppugazh
9A. nee nama - sowrAshtram
9B.+ kalita veera sethubhandam- shree ragam
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#2 Re: Abilash [email protected] Sabha on Aug 11th,2018

Post by rajeshnat » 12 Aug 2018, 16:33

The concert was advertised to start in Rasika Ranjani Sabha at 06:15 pm. This RR Sabha appears in the right shape for many years the construction was on . Few years back i attended a maha ramachandran concert as such this sabha had more doze of dance than music , so i preferred not to go to this sabha that much. As i entered around 06 15 pm there was a loud blast of sound check in the ground floor hall named sundareswarar hall. I checked some one if there is a carnatic concert , one person guided me to III floor , the main hall was having another non cm program . I did not know that there is a mini hall also , O gosh what a lovely hall in third floor hall, great seats ,AC and lovely sound set up.

Abilash is turning out to be an extremely mature musician . He had his hands tied rather his throat tied as the sabha asked him to wind at 08:30 . Infact around 08 15 at the end of tani one rasika asked RTP abilash smiled and said the concert end time is 08 30 , any way i just hope the sabhas give time till 9pm atleast so that theree is bit more chance of more detailed main and may be even RTP

All said the musical maturity of Abilash has atleast few dimensions. Lovely spread of varied composers and language as the list suggests , there is a lot of ideation in stage with lovely enunciation which is the second dimension.And for me his swara kalpana manOdharmam is superb , certainly not any patterns as though you heard some vintage recording but he builts with a clear focus . He shows spontaneity like few of my perennial favourites say suryaprakash ,abhishek,sanjay and tns krishna all coming in there the flow is indeed there with continuity.

After dakshinamoorty slokham he took the weighty begada varnam, voice was nice but I felt he could have slightly increased the electrontic shruthi box volume , but definitely it was lovely begada start. The next Annamacharya krithi in nattai has not that much registered in my head yet , is that gambeera nattai or just nattai . If my memory is right ms amma popularized this number. Swaras in nattai had gambeeram and was well done

Vilambit showed his voice throw had a lot of lower register power(the little increased volume of electronic shruthi box helped).The ever aesthetic dwijavanti with MD's cetashri showed an approach of one leg in MDR and another leg in SSI , the cute swaras in keezh kalam was lovely (riga ma pa , ri ga ma pa ma , then sa sa).Hindolam alapana had shades of continuous chiseled brigas , bit reminded hindolam supernova GNB. The alapana was terrific and the rare PD krithi was appearing a bit of Ma Ramanan typecast . He creates brigas with his lovely throw and more importantly smoothens so well to my ears.Swaras could have been bit more but he perhaps was just beginning to work backwards towards 08 30 pm closure.

Sahana vandanamu was showcasing the serene bhavam and classical sahana was intensely carnatakam. What a wonderful keeravani alapana, no orientation of tape recording vomit of his paramaguru SSI or MDR or any one after that.Ideas were superb and methodical with nice voice sareeram and his madhyamakala approach was superb. Patterns in neraval took few anchor key words expecially veeranai anchor was well done .The lovely apppar number of vAnanai was worth it. keeravani Neraval was really well done slight rationing was there ,swaras had an iota of distinct kanakku but gathered enough steam to move from there on.

slokhams in all designer ragas(hamsanandi,kapi, behag and sindhubhairavi) were all well done and the missing composer swati tirunal came in as bhaja bhaja manasa. Thiruppugazh had a big 5 raga entry with shankarabharanam and the mangalam had a sudden twist like MDR by he singing shree ragam and ending with kalita veera sethubandham shree padmanabham, with an extra emphasis in shree to showcase shree ragam

KJ Dilip took his time and his keeravani was the best . At times he shows some quick alacrity in alapana like parur ma sundareswaran where there is slight roughness . I think I am hearing akshay ananthapadmanabhan for the very first time , nice sound , he takes bit more time in slower krithis and at times i thought he could go with more flow there, but certainly he pepped up very well .Akshay approach is to embellish and not HIT as he is a youngster.Tani was in flow with sedate keeravani vananai and I am not complaining .

Abilash few years back i could spot a lot of Semmangudi and a shade of MDR/KVN. Now MDR/KVN is coming in bit more and also he shows extreme musical maturity in presentation . This youngster is not getting caged and caught up with excess fluff that comes with social media and a bunch of internet article fads . laya kanakku was reduced since last time , but layam was indeed more grained in as raga bhavam. He is sincere and showcases the gamut of what CM concert has to be by avoiding non weighty sangathis .

Overall an excellent concert for exact 2 hours and 15 mins.
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#3 Re: Abilash [email protected] Sabha on Aug 11th,2018

Post by sranjani » 17 Aug 2018, 00:04

Very glad to read your review especially as this wonder boy is from pozhichalur where we have the thrimoorthi sangeetha sabha and Have seen Abhilash mature as a fine musician .totally agreecwith you that he is a blend of all the great stalwarts SSI Mdr MmI etc .yet he has carved a style for himself and we do get flashes of all thse great ones .youngsters like him should be encouraged and of course give them more time to exhibit their talent which we in our sabha make ita point . The concerts duration is three hours at least
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