Palghat Ramprasad, Parivadini, 13/Oct/2018

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#1 Palghat Ramprasad, Parivadini, 13/Oct/2018

Post by sankark » 13 Oct 2018, 20:41

with HNBhaskar, VijayNatesan & AnirudhAthreya

in RS Hall

Wow. Superb swarams for saraswathi, especially the riri ending play and return with HNB, mukhAri (Emani nE) shine bright.
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#2 Re: Palghat Ramprasad, Parivadini, 13/Oct/2018

Post by rajeshnat » 15 Oct 2018, 20:45

Palghat [email protected] on Oct 13th,2018
Vocal : Palghat Ramprasad
Violin : HN Bhaskar
Mrudangam : Vijay Natesan
Kanjira : Anirudh Athreya

Concert Type : Nirvana - No concert to follow ;Ticketed concert
Day/Duration : Saturday/2 hours and 20 mins - 06:25 to 08:45pm
sabha/Hall : ragasudha hall
Organizers : Parivadini, Navarathri Series

1. erA nApai - todi - Patnam
2. taayE tripurasundari - suddasAveri - PT
6 mins neraval in kAmadhenu vaNangum
swaras for 6 mins

3. hiranmayeem (R,N) - lalitA - MD
6 mins alapana
neraval (O gosh I forgot to note the line), i am assuming geetha vadhaya , it is for 5 mins

4. Bharathi Devi taayE (RS,S) - saraswati?? - PD
2 mins alapana with no return
5 mins swaras

5. karunanIdhi taayE(raaga sketch) - bowli - psivan
6A. emani nE (R N S T) - mukhari - SS
11 mins alapana and 7 mins violin return
neraval for sAmajA gAmini saralochana for 7 mins
13 mins swaras
6B. tani for 18 mins

7. AnnapoornE visAlakshi - shyamA - MD
8. shree kamalAmbikE - shree ragam - MD

9. seethA pathiki haratheerE - shuruTTi - T

The vocalist name is palghat ramprasad. I have erroneously put in the past in few reviews as palghat ramaprasad or palakkad ramprasad/ramaprasad. WIth the eye on gooogle index , the perennial marketing weapon facebook , let this artist name get indexed right . Vidwan vocalist name is Palghat Ramprasad.

As expected all the krithis were on Goddesses as the occassion was navarathri. What a treat it was .The last time i heard i felt hey let palakkad bit not sag and run with bit more pyrotechnics after hearing him in velachery .If my memory is still right that day he sang a rare main krithi akhilandeshwari in dwijavanti which was navarathri trailer.In this concert palghat indeed did not sag.

The first erA nApai was a little of excess percussion overdrive , i would have preferred a bit more balance in relative volume , i was more hearing ramprasad bit in between the overdrive sound of other accompanist. The second taayE tripura sundari was a testimony for me to change my mindset that Ramprasad can also sing sancharas with a significant longer course with a little faster tempo. Neraval and swaras were well done in suddasaveri .

THe joy of navarathri can only be understood by Goddess Lakshmeeem may be an errorneous statement as I dont know the contribution by other Goddesses . I can put that erroneous statement of Goddess aside and certainly say the raga devata Lalitha is indeed the crowning glory of navarathri. Lalitha is a raga was perhaps started more by DKJ /DKP in concert circuit, the greateest legend of laitha ragam is maharajapuram ramachandran when he sang hiranmayeem to me in some distant concert in sastrihall for ariyakudi foundation .What a joy to hear the tapestry of ramprasad singing this whole lalitha . His voice has heavy masculine aura and the beauty is he is steady and does not lose that masculine aura. maharajapuram Ramachandran the lalitha gold medalist must be proud of silver medallist Ramprasad. The rare krithi of PD bharthi mAtA came up next and I think it is saraswati or vachaspathi ,I am approximating to saraswati there, nice rolling swaras , he showed quite a lot of pyrotechnics and navarathri did not yet have any sundal sag.

Bowli is actually the tone that comes for sunset/sunrise settings in cinema eventhough folks usually attribute to Bhoopalam .Ramprasad sang a beautiful bowli and it was a great filler of sivan,sivan is fantafabulous with this lovely bowli krithi . IF my slightly fading memory is still correct i think i heard only once ema ninnE in mukhari as a main by thamarakkad or was that amrutha venkatesh. subbaraya sastri gives me less stress as he gives a clear concotion of all trinities his family shyama sastri ishta devata being the general theme, some musical slow orientation like a MD gait to start with for most time and some rhythmmic fantasy like sadguru thyagaraja to change the landscape with quite a sommersault. What a lovely mukhari main it was , mukhari was well done with a nice neraval and lovely swaras.

I have heard him sing way too many times shyama raga krithi annapoornE and I am not complaining ,a small slokham before that would have been better .He had 15 long mins and I dont know why he ended the concert at 08 45 pm. Dikhshitar appeared more divine after Goddesss annapoornE quick snacks (Goddess annapoornE is associated with good food) and kamalAmba navaavarnam krithi in shree ragam was well done.

HN BHaskar is steady and very raga bhava specific violinist. In early part he tried to play like his gurus annas son MA Sundareswaran but he did not get that kind of quick change- MAS is a genius there to change it in dazzling speed. I felt vijay natesan needs bit more muscles to have more evenness of sound but he will get there for sure , ANirudh had more fire power and I liked his contribution from song #2.Kanjira team is very very healthy as of now in concert circuit with so many doing well , anirudh is going to be a great kanjira artist soon.

If you metaphorically think a concert is like entering a river . Palghat Ramprasad is a musician where from outside it may appear the river is bit more calm but as you keep your foot in the river the undercurrent pull is much much more deep. As I was listening I saw his father Rajaraman cheering his son ,the very first concert when I attended Ramprasad in sastri hall (that review is either here or in jungle ), Rajaraman and Palakkad Raghu cheered Ramprasad . Ramprasad has amazing male voice(a bit of ramnad krishnan , KVN and DKJ is there). I was particularly impressedd that his direction is also going in the direction of bit more speed like the himalayan giants like MMI-SSI-GNB

He could have atleast done two things 1. Sing till 9pm instead of 8 45 pm and 2 . Stop over adjusting microphones where you start the concert not at 06 25 and instead dot 06 15 pm. I am taking this liberty as I know the sabha seceratary of Parivadini very very well and I am pretty sure that just because I take a slamdunk on the sabha artist he will feel bad. This sabha secy of Parivadini Lalitharam Ramachandran takes even more tough decisions for the long term health of future performers post navarathri.

25 mins gone is quite heavy for rajesh, but considering all the noise and signal that is presently there with all the wonderful artist community, I have to say I enjoyed Ramprasad from Palghat a lot . As I walked some one was talking to another and there was a mention that ramprasad paternal grandfather was some mrudanga vidwan .

Overall an excellent concert for 2 hours 20 mins.
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#3 Re: Palghat Ramprasad, Parivadini, 13/Oct/2018

Post by rajeshnat » 16 Oct 2018, 07:39

rajeshnat wrote:
15 Oct 2018, 20:45
Concert Type : Nirvana - No concert to follow ;Ticketed concert
Made an error yesterday, this was a non ticketed free concert.
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#4 Re: Palghat Ramprasad, Parivadini, 13/Oct/2018

Post by adambakkam » 16 Oct 2018, 11:11

Thanks for the detailed post @rajeshnat . Bharati Devi is Saraswathi and set to tune by Palghat Ramprasad. He has set tunes for a number of Purandaradasar krithis recently. I also listened to another dasar piece he has composed the tune - Devaki Kantha Mukunda in Hamsanadham . very catchy.
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#5 Re: Palghat Ramprasad, Parivadini, 13/Oct/2018

Post by sureshvv » 16 Oct 2018, 12:27

Interesting! He sang "Bare Gopamma" in Chandrajyoti couple months ago. Otherwise we listen to the same couple of songs in this raga.
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