Review the latest concerts you have listened to.
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Post by CRama » 13 Oct 2018, 22:40

H.N.Bhaskar- Violin
Neyveli Venkatesh- Mridangam
Guruprasad- Ghatam.
List of songs.
• Sidhivinayakam- Chamaram- MD (S at Pallavi)
• Parasakthijanani- Hamsadhwani-PS (S at Pallavi)
• Sivananda kamavardhini- Panthuvarali- GNB (R,S at Bhavani Pavani)
• Pahimam Parvathy- Mohanam-MD (S at Pallavi)
• Talli Ninnu nera- Kalyani- SS (R,S at Syamakrishna)
• Tathvameruga tarama-Garudadhwani- T
• Ninne Nammi nanu- Thodi-SS (R,N at Kamakshi Kanjadlayathakshi,S)
• Thani
• Jagatjanani – Ratipatipriya
• Mookambika Stothram- Kanada
• Karunai deivame- Sindubhairavi- PS
• Malayalam song on Mookambika – Saramati
• Karpagame kann paray- Madhyamavati-PS
• Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma-PD- Bhowli
• Thillana- Mohanakalyani-LGJ
• Mangalam

I have heard that Maestro Ilayaraja has been conducting Navarathri Music concerts in his house since many years, but restricted to his family members. I got an invite from Sankaran Namboodiri for this concert and it is very near my house. That is all the more good for me.

About the Kolu in Ilayaraja’s house. When you enter the huge house, in the first drawing hall, a big kolu is kept. With huge bommais accumulated over many decades and arranged in an aesthetic manner in seven steps and some other huge bommais kept in the near by slots, it was very artistic and the religious fervour maintained. They had kept the kalasam- which has been given a go in many of the kolus in present days. We do keep the decorated kalasam in our house kolu. When I tried to take photos of the kolu, the Lady of the house gently told me not to take photo and delete the photos already taken. We also follow the same system in our house. I met the vidwans before the concert and had chat with Sankaran Namboodiri in connection with the article I am writing about him for publication in the Sruti magazine. The Maestro himself came and greeted us before the concert. All of us did Namaskarams and took his blessings. I did a brief introduction of myself. This is the first time I met him in such close vicinity. There were very few outsiders like me in the audience apart from the family members and vidwans like S. Vardarajan. Forumite Sivaramakrishnan and his son also joined.

The concert started at 6.30 P.M.

The atmosphere was serene and religious. The acoustics were good. There were a few chairs, sofas for people to sit. But we all sat in the floor. We all were served with coffee and one water bottle before the concert. Maestro Ilayaraja was sitting in a nearby room and listening the concert.

Sankaran Namboodiri presented a concert exclusively of Devi kritis (with one exception). His voice was in good form. Started the concert with Sidhivinayakam and plethora of swarams in the pallavi added weight to the concert from the opening song itself. The next song Parasakthi janani- I have heard in a cassette of Santhanam, but rarely heard in the concerts. Three ragams- Panthuvarali, Kalyani and Thodi were presented in detail with gushing manodharmam – authentic format, combining long akara prayogams, brighas and well rounded gamakams. His voice and style had enough shades of Yesudas in certain places. The krits were presented in the medium tempo with the authentic sangatis and decorated with imaginative neraval and swara prastarams which had in built vyavaharam in them. The post thani pieces were presented with appropriate sahithya bhavam and bhakthi bhavam. The two Mookambika songs deserve special mention. Bhagayada Lakshmi baramma was rendered following the Bhimsen Joshi style in the ragam Bhowli. It was an excellent concert that lasted for two and half hours.

After the concert, we all went inside the Puja room, there was Aarti and honouring of the artistes with garland, prasadam, and shawl by the Maestro. We had a photo session also.

H.N.Bhaskar provided commendable support on the violin extracting the maximum musical value from his bow, through palpable modulation. His high manodharmam, follow up of kritis, swara returns and tone of the violin enriched the concert to a great extent. His musical interludes for the Mookambika song in Saramati added lustre to the song.

Neyveli Venkatesh with his long experience enriched the concert with his superb dexterity and fingering speed and embellished the concert with many nice patterns while filling the gaps in the course of the various kritis. There was no over banging and the tani with Guruprasad was lively.
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Post by rajeshnat » 14 Oct 2018, 06:01

So glad to see this post -Crama and SRK . You were in the house of God Of Music to attend the divine CM concert.
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Post by Sivaramakrishnan » 14 Oct 2018, 09:25

It was a happy coincidence of my meeting Sankaran Nambudiri at Trivandrum airport (during my return to Chennai after attending the initial days of Navaratri festivities) that enabled my attending the concert as he extended a warm, personal invitation to me. Thus I was at the venue for the concert which CRama has reviewed in detail.

Nambudiri has got an energetic style of rendering that doesn't miss out on the niceties and essentials. He must be getting more chances in Chennai. I was hearing him in person perhaps after long interval.
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