Rajani Raja Temple Jawahar nagar 600082

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#1 Rajani Raja Temple Jawahar nagar 600082

Post by thanjavooran » 14 Oct 2018, 09:18

Rajani Raja Temple Jawahar Nagar Chennai 600 082
Saturday . 13 10 2018
In the above temple there was a 2 hrs power packed dance programme by boys and girls aged between 6 1nd 18 yrs.
Smt Thulasi Ve R. Selva Lakshmi a dancer and founder of Vasudevan Nathalaya [ Grand daughter of Nadiga Vel . MRR ] with her 20 students conducted the show. All in Traditional dance costume and head gears decorated the podium.
Nadanam AAdinaar .
Mahishasudara mardhani stotram and
Ohm Sambho siva sambo were the few high lights.
There was perfect alignment of foot work and beautiful bhavam through out telling upon the efforts by Guruji.
Initially a dance with Maha ganapathim with three young kids trained by Smt Raji Shyamala a dancer, story writer, vocalist and also a painter kept the audience spell bound.
Though the Dhyana Mandapam was very small yet the kids best utilized the opportunity in entertaining the devotees who in 200 numbers sat till the end.
Finally Ravi Subramaniam a devotee thanked the Gurus and kids for their excellent performance though arranged at a short notice.All participants were given a gift pack with a nice momento . All praised the excellent arrangement done by Muthukumar Sivachariyar who distributed prasadam to the kids.
In fact 2 hrs spent joyfully and usefully by the sincere efforts of Gurujis in training the kids.
14 10 2018
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#2 Re: Rajani Raja Temple Jawahar nagar 600082

Post by rajeshnat » 14 Oct 2018, 14:44

Thank you for capturing from Jawahar Nagar near Perambur , nice to know that Navarathri is in full swing everywhere in madras. Navarathri is in full swing in Ilayarajas house and also when M R RadhA grand daughter inaugurates. What was missing all these years is the reporting push from rasikas community to tell that such an event can even happen away when non Tambras and other communities exclusively chair performances. Thank you Crama and Thanjavooran. Just a subtle point which i thought I can bring it up.
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