Trichur [email protected] College(Kodambakkam) On Dec 06th,2018

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#1 Trichur [email protected] College(Kodambakkam) On Dec 06th,2018

Post by rajeshnat » 07 Dec 2018, 17:11

Trichur [email protected] College(Kodambakkam) On Dec 06th,2018
Vocal : SriKrishna Mohan and Ramkumar Mohan
Violin : M A Sundareswaran
Mrudangam : Trichur Mohan
Kanjira : S Venkataramanan

Concert Type : Nirvana - no concert to follow and Ticketed concert
Sabha/Hall : Meenakshi Sundararajan trust / Meenakshi college , kodambakkam
Day/Duration : Thursday ,2 hours and 45 mins - 06:20 to 09:05 PM

Trichur Brothers -sound setting
As soon as the organizers asked the artists to come to the stage . Srikrishna Mohan and team assembled . Initially Srikrishna Mohan does an individual sound check , then sound check continues with ramkumar, then MAS with violin, then appa Mohan and then s venkataramanan with his kanjira . Few years back when I heard them in an overseas concert , they collectively do a sound check with kamalapta kula with one brother going before all speakers to do a check. Such a thing is not possible in chennai.Then a collective sound check is done where their great voice and the right accompaniment blend is tested together. It is sad that they use a krithi like kamalapta kula in brindavana saranga/brindavani to do a sound test . O gosh that is personally a great loss for me . This is where their personality comes strongly they take no chances and are very methodical . I was bit annoyed a concert or two back when they repeatedly test but yesterday it was fine no rollback of changes . THE kanjira artist s venkataramanan is a musician who just plays and I have never seen him opening his mouth . Even he was bit expressive to ask little more sharpness when given his turn . It is a great personality for the brothers to make sure that the team is balanced with sound . Quite frankly I am ok with their 10 mins sound check as even kanjira appeared right from word go.

Trichur Brothers - Weapon
Unquestionably beyond doubt it is their appa TRichur Mohan. Tani for just 12 mins even with upa pakkavadhyam . Great sarvalaghu any request on sound correction , he briefly consults his son srikrishna mohan and then Srikrishna only relays,no direct request ever and no breakage of chain of command .Above all of us donot know how he plays for other artists . He never plays for anyone other than their sons. Historically there is a TRS ranjani pallavi that I have heard atleast 100 times and then after 2 or 3 decades Mohan plays only for their sons . He knows how to play with an arsenal of strokes but all without drowning . Most times he just closes his eyes and skillfully changes the nadai and landscape to give a strategic advantage for srikrishna and ramkumar mohans to give another round of cloudburst patterns.Trichur Ramabadran is playing right now despite learning from UKS, Karaikudi Mani and Palghat Mani Iyer .Mohan has learnt from disciple of Palakkad Raghu -kodavayoor radhakrishnan(Primary guru).Chembai blessed him with the title sangeetha lokathil dhuruvan.

About Concert till Main and Tani
01. sAmi ninnE (raga sketch, swaras) - paNtuvarAli - shatkala narasayya
swaras for ? mins
02. vAthApi gaNapathim (S) - hamsadhwani - MD
swaras for 13 mins

03. teliyaleru rAmA (S) - dhenukA - T
4 mins swaras
04.Hechariga rArA (R)- yadhukulakAmbOdhi - T
7 mins alapana and 4 mins violin return

05.Ranjani Mrudu PankajaLochani(CS)- Ranjani+ Sriranjani+Megharanjani +Janaranjani - Tanjavur Shankara Aiyer.
06A. yArO ivar yArO(Raga sketch,N,S,T)- bhairavi - arunAchala kavirAyar
13 mins neraval in chandra bimba mukha malarAnEn
15 mins swaras
06B. tani for 12 mins

Start was expressive raga pantuvarali with a short burst of swaras for the varnam. Momentum gathered with Vathapi. The rendition was not like his paramaguru SSI , but bit like Chembai-Kjyesudas in rendition . The swaras arrived as a hurricance , sangeetha lokathil dhuruvan was rocking with SVenkataramanan joining just when really needed . The hit or miss MA sundareswaran also arrived with tempo matching the brothers and creating only hits. Vathapi with swaras was done exceeedingly well

THey wanted more momentum or rather wanted to maintain the same vathapi mommentum. THey moved to teliyaleru rama in dhenuka as #2. Konjam TRS touches were indeed there again lovely synchronization , i would humbly say not for the sake of review Mohan road pOttar- 2 pasanga kOdu pOttanga.

The slow number hechariga rA was started with yadhukulakAmboDhi. Rakthi rasa was bit limited konjam folkish tone came in alapana but still strong voice and the thyagaraja master piece hechariga was bit raced just like how his paramaguru SSI used to slightly race diwakara tanujam.

The fast filler was a ragamaliga of Tanjore sankara iyer . Every raga has a preset chittaswaras and with strong voice every thing came out well. They were the sleeve of interacation anytime . They asked if you need RTP or Main , the audience roared with one section screaming RTP and another equal count of folks saying Main. The brothers with their sincere communication asked the audience if you dont mind can you show your hands the hands were almost equal . At that point the brothers told sundareswaran mamA will decide , MAS said jokingly We will have a main that has a rAgam, then a taanam and a pallavi. Fellow rasikas this writing must not sound gibberish or childish , our carnatic music has to pongi pongi varanam quoting Aastika samajam concert that I attended last week for another artist and musicians can liberally interact like madurai somu as long as they produce great music.

Srikrishna Mohan later says sincerely we will sing both Main but with limited alapana and then an RTP . Bhairavi alapana was brief but when they started yaaro ivar yaaro about 20 of them near me started singing . Audience are just collectively with these brothers kudos to them. There was another round of possible showmanship , but what is wrong in just speaking as long as after few minutes break we have music that again resonates and connects .Chandra bimba was nice and the brothers rotated with a great overdrive rotation. Bhairavi could have had bit more gamakas but they went bit flat note . With swaras they ended well. Sangeetha lokathil dhruvan with S venkataramanan gave a nice tani,it just passed like clouds
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#2 Re: Trichur [email protected] College(Kodambakkam) On Dec 06th,2018

Post by rajeshnat » 07 Dec 2018, 17:11

About Concert From RTP till mangalam
07. RTP in dEsh for 47 mins
19 mins ragam with 5 mins violin return
Taanam for 9 mins
Pallavi line --->>> venkata ramana hari govinda,sankata harana shree
Swaras in Desh(srikrishna) + beethovenpriya (creation of Ramesh Vinayagam sung by srikrishna) + tOdi(Ramkumar) + tOdi(MAS) + revati(Srikrishna) + behAg(Ramkumar)

08. pittham theliya marundhu - shenjuruTTi- gopalakrishna bharathi
09. rAmachandrAya janaka - kurinji - Bhadrachalam Ramadas
10. slokham - sayeeeshwaraya + SreenivAsAya - mangalam

Desh is a lovely raga , the emote is there and they zoned to great excellence here. alapana had rounds of passion , they easily lifted their vocal muscle with a 2.5 x lift and had nice sowkhyam without any shrill or lack of shruthi . Desh itself has quite a bit of PannerButter masala pidis but with such pounding precision with shruthi and voice clarity with MAS dazzling in Desh , . Desh was always Besh. Mas is brilliant if used right, great precision and at times just a sketch to quickly handover to srikrishna and a more quicker grab from ramkumar.Taanam was well done without appa mohan's support , liked it and well received

THe pallavi neraval line was just touched and trikaalam done at the end . Each of the ragamaliga swaras were well done . The desh ,revati was well done by left clean shaven and the right bearded took the todi and behag . Some time betweeen todi and desh they sang a nice western note raga , i thought it was possibly a BMK raga or some Dikshitar westernnote kind of thing. THey announced that the raga was BeethovenPriya created by Music Director Ramesh Vinayagam. The beethovenpriya was elaborated quite well at that point it was bit like hearing a nice western orchestra . Let us not mistake that the raga beethovenpriya was cheap not at all with Mohan nothing comes cheap if he touches mrudu with his angam. The contrast of beethovenpriya with todi was a great pavamannipu if you prefer that way. I liked everything in RTP.

They moved on to pittam teliya marundhu which was well done and the ramachandraya janaka has this bhajana sampradaya feel.All those who sang yaaro ivar yaaro all joined and clapped at that point of time meenakshi college had its culturals. They ended with their sayee slokham and sreevisaya mangalam it is their standard closure

MAS was a weapon and he was impeccable in giving clear and concise kalapramana returns. I donot like him always starting with a flash of known krithis whenever he returns, his intrusion is kind of more checked as he gets only limited round and most of the time one brother supports the other for significant time . I wish he does not over do this return with a phrase of tunbam nergayil(desh) and taaye Yashoda (todi), crowd goes gA gA there but i personally donot like it . MAS is marching towards M chandrasekaran who does often play snatches of popular kritis. Shyamsundar's son S venkataramanan is an asset he never shows aggression and does not overjoin mrudangam , he always knows pakkavadhyam mrudangam always has to take more share , to that extent he was a silent and most successful performer

All said enjoying with passion or rather pongi pongi varudhu was the theme. I wish they sing ragas like bhairavi and yadhukulakambOdhi bit more non scalar to give more well rounded experience. The best news is crowd laps it up with fundamentals like voice ,shruthi suddham and energy.There is celebration with a debatable showmanship.I only enjoyed for most part i am okay for expressive personalities as long as you back up with more quanta of muse and music.

Overall an excellent concert for 2 hours and 45 mins.
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