Notations Request - can be handled offline

Place to go if you want to ask someone identify raga, tala, composer etc or ask for sāhitya (lyrics) or notations or translations.
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#1 Notations Request - can be handled offline

Post by rajeshnat » 11 Jan 2019, 19:36

Since you are only sending them by private email and not disclosing directly notations will it better for all those who repeatedly ask notations directly ask you by email.

Oflate for the past 1 to 2 months every day there is just a mountain of notation requests from different folks , apart from one person who is asking and Lji replying , it is just a boatload of notifications.

Also each of them also will not generally search and put it in the right topic, we can make a sticky topic and give instructions and lock it. I appreciate all you have did with so many new posters repeatedly asking the same notations the forum focus is getting considerably diluted. Each of this post is like one FROM to one TO and the rest 15000 members are in cc mode.

Lji AND Admins,
Is my suggestion OK, if yes we can take the above suggested course. Let this repeated notation requests go away. I am only taking notations for this correction, I donot take other things like translation and meaning in this typecast as actual content is put and all of us benefit, in any case they are less frequent unlike notations.
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#2 Re: Notations Request - can be handled offline

Post by Preethee » 11 Jan 2019, 21:18

I agree
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