Concept of rAga padam - an extension of the concept of svarAksharam

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#1 Concept of rAga padam - an extension of the concept of svarAksharam

Post by shankarank » 13 Jan 2019, 23:08

As I was thinking what all makes ShamukhapriyA unique ( in the context of naTabhairavi discussion!) , I stumbled upon something by accident.

The concept of rAga padam. First I imagined how Dr HMB's valli nAyaka nI starts. From pancamam touching prati madyamam, then gaaaa.. ri sa ri effectively doing a nAyaki just like ranga naa...yakam ( there may be many other contours and anusvaras - but I am simplifying to make my argument ;) ).

Then he was not alone. sidhhi vinAyakam - at naaa.yakam does eerily similar gaaa...ri-sa,

Plot thickens only when we take into account other gandharas like antara gandhaara - raghu naayaka where naayaka is gaa..ri-sa

And boom!! suddha gandharam : sEshacala naa...yakam!

And that gives an hitherto unknown , undiscovered sangati ( well may be sung by a thoughtful, deliberate , unhurried musician some place, of course with no idea of the concept of rAga padam, but wanting to take bEdaga for a slow walk!) for vallaba naayakasya - ga-ri-sa occurs in the notation at the very end after lot of contours/detours - but can be made formal by making entire naayakasya as that only!
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