Note to rasikas regarding sharing recordings - share, but also take care. Do not violate copyrights

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#1 Note to rasikas regarding sharing recordings - share, but also take care. Do not violate copyrights

Post by RasikasModerator2 » 14 Jan 2019, 15:53

Request to all rasikas that, -- while they are free to share recordings of yesteryear artistes who have passed on (as long as the same has not been made into a commercial album or is under copyright) as well as non-commercial recordings from private collections of rasikas, which are abundantly available on Sangeethapriya, Youtube, etc., -- they must take care while sharing any audio or video of contemporary artistes, and must verify that their private recording is not in fact from a commercial album. We repeat, please ensure that your recording is non-commercial and private.

If you want to share through mediafire, dropbox or soundcloud or googledrive, please don't remove your files, or get a long term paid plan, else the link goes dead when you remove them, or expires after a certain period of time. Even Facebook is more secure in comparison. We recommend uploading to, Youtube, Vimeo or somewhere where you know your links will last or an online music locker. Here is a handy guide. ... g_services ... g_services ... ic_lockers

We are aware that the smartphone has made it all too easy these days and it is impossible to police, but please don't share such recordings on this forum as all the artistes are alive and well within their performance rights to request discretion from the rasikas. This will be equivalent to violating their rights. Only in the event where due permission has been obtained can you share them.

We do not wish individual rasikas or to be hit by copyright issues or even court notices (which has happened in fact) or the archival work of many decades undertaken by rasikas gone to waste without any thought or concern. Rasikas who are uploading archival private recordings, please beware that a software algorithm could mix up your recording with that of a commercially released album and this could result in a wrong blocking and even removal. Please ensure backups in such cases. This can even happen if you have shared your own rendition of a particular piece.

The onus of ensuring that uploaded material is non-copyrighted is on the uploader (or person who gives out the download links), and he/she will be solely responsible for any violations. Neither the administrator nor the other members of this forum will be responsible for copyright violations by a member of this forum.

If you have shared copyrighted / commercial recordings through any unauthorized links or channels, kindly remove them immediately. This is your responsibility.

Having said that, there are many valid channels through which commercial / copyrighted recordings may be shared. These channels are owned by the creators of these recordings and have been setup for audio / video streaming. Rasikas are requested to take care to share commercial / copyrighted works only through these official channels.

In case of commercial recordings, you are advised to link to the album where it may be purchased online, or find an official Youtube channel (like INRECO or Vani or Carnatic Classical) where the same is available for view. With the rise of Albums being uploaded on recording companies' own Youtube channels and many online channels and sabhas uploading their own webstreaming of live concerts, these may be shared freely. Preferably try to share from organizers' video streaming channels.

You may also search for artistes' own Youtube channels and share any uploads from there as well.

Of late many videos and excerpts are coming up in Facebook and they get widely circulated. The FB page or the Facebook pages of many artistes also gets plenty an excerpted video -- some of those are links to some exceptional pieces, some of them might be shared by the organizers themselves, but still, please use discretion while linking to them. Some artistes have in fact started publishing their own performances on social media, these may be shared.

If some audio tracks are available for paid streaming on Amazon music,, myuu carnatic, etc, the link may be shared here as well.

You may also share a link to any paid download of individual tracks on albums from the websites of recording companies and producers as they have begun to offer these services.

Please note that if you are linking to any of the official channels above, kindly mention clearly the name of the source where you are sharing from. This is to avoid any misunderstanding.

If you hesitate to share a track over any doubt, you may simply say "A recording of <raga, song, musician>" can be found on Sangeethapriya or Youtube or Amazon Music or Facebook or wherever -- and leave it at that. Or discuss it offline if you wish.

Do not link to sites like musicindiaonline or similar ones as these sites have been explicitly blocked by the DoT. This is illegal.

Sharing upcoming young artistes' music may be fine as they need the exposure - many of them even go the extra mile to share their music on Youtube or Facebook or Twitter. However once they get beyond a certain point, please note that they may begin to object. Your responsibility is to respect that.

Please note that the following are approved music streaming sites. ... g_services - Kindly support any commercial albums uploaded on the same.

With this in mind, please go ahead and revive some of our old threads that used to talk about the music - a lot more needs to be done here. There is no point talking about music without the music behind it. Times have changed and the landscape of digital music out there has become extremely vast. So it would be nice if we could get back to the good 'ol days of in the beginning.

So please share your collections or recordings from the internet, but please take care, particularly with regards to commercial albums and contemporary artistes. Private recordings of musicians who are long since no more that are not commercial or under copyrights are one thing, but for artistes' who are alive and performing and commercial albums, please respect the copyright or link to a place where we can buy or stream. Please also do your part in attending the live performances of today's artistes.

Rasikas who have many private collections are also requested to take a copy and donate it the Music Academy's archives.

For your own personal collections, please keep growing them by supporting the music and the efforts of both individual rasikas, artistes and commercial labels. Please have at least 2 backups in 2 different places or on the cloud (Google Drive, etc...), so that if you computer fails or your phone is stolen tomorrow, it won't be the end of the world.

Thank you.
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