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#1 Devakriya

Post by Govindaswamy » 15 Mar 2019, 08:50

What is the difference between Devakriya and Sudhdhasaveri
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#2 Re: Devakriya

Post by ajaysimha » 21 Mar 2019, 15:30

there are a couple of such ragams in CM,

where the aroha-avaroha or swara-stAnas are same but
the sanchara/proyoga(chalan/pakad) will vary.

this change in proyoga can because of:
>Melakarta systems(Asampurna/sampurna) (or)
>the composer followed a particular sangeetha lakshana grantha (or)
>it can also be a HM equivalent (or)
>some anya-swaras can be present i.e it can be confused with allied raga
devakriya-shuddha saveri
udayaravichandrika-shuddha dhanyasi
(any more additions are welcome)
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