Bharat Sundar at Kalyan Nagar Association, 12-04-2019

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#1 Bharat Sundar at Kalyan Nagar Association, 12-04-2019

Post by sureshvv » 14 Apr 2019, 11:52

Seems nowadays not a week passes when I am not asked what rock I am living under. My typical response is a sheepish grin admitting ignorance of the very latest happenings, be it cricket, politics or technology. But I always thought I was up-to-date on one thing, the Chennai Carnatic Music milieu.
I was in for a surprise!

I have been following Bharat Sundar on and off for the past few years, after he emerged as the "dark horse" winner of Carnatic Idol many moons ago. Winning a reality show can never be a good thing :D
His penchant for laya was apparent even then and he seemed to particularly revel in it and I was afraid he was turning into a poor man's Abhishek. I liked his music but it not something I would particularly go out of the way and seek out. All that changed tonight.

Bharat seemed to be firing on all cylinders. Whether it was vocal range, bhava filled delivery of unmangled lyrics or consistent enunciation of words regardless of speed of delivery he displayed a virtuoso prowess that is seldom heard on concert stage.

Sumesh Narayan

Song List
1. Viriboni varnam
2. Oka maata oka baana, harikambodhi, [email protected]
3. Vinata suta vahana, jayantasena
4. Vasantha Bhairavi, Nee daya rada, n @ kadaney vaarevaru
5. Thunai purindarul, varamu, s @ patita pavana
6. Kalyani, Nija dasa varada, ns @ bhujagadipa shayana bhoomija ramana
7. Thani
8. Kaana vendum 10**5 kangal
9. Viruttam, kannodu kanninai, mohanam, brindavana saranga, chandrakauns, subha pantuvarali, sindhubhairavi
10. Mannu pugazh kosalai, ragamalika (same ragas)
11. Tillana, Behag, tisra adi, Madhavan maruga, LGJ
12. Mangalam

1. Great team effort where each one played to the strength of the other.
2. Chocolate chewing contingent of youngsters walked in sometime during the early part of the concert and stayed.
3. The swara section in the main was an extensive sawal jawab session with a couple of do overs here and there and kept the audience perched at the edge of the seat, particularly those referred in #2 above.
4. Great song list.
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#2 Re: Bharat Sundar at Kalyan Nagar Association, 12-04-2019

Post by CRama » 17 Apr 2019, 11:27

suresh, BHarat Sunder is not as adventurous as Abhishek. Can not be called poor man's Abhishek. He follows the more traditional approach in music. Last season I heard two good concerts of Bharat Sunder. Academy where he sang Darisni telusu konti as main- wonderful alapana along with RTP in Shanmugapriya- and Parthasarathy Sabha where he sang a very imaginative Khamas for Brocheva as Main song.
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