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Post by CRama » 15 Apr 2019, 22:45

Gayathri Girish presented a concert of exclusive tamizh songs on the occasion of the Tamizh New year day- 14 April 2019- for Mudhra in Infosys hall, Bazulla Road, T. Nagar. M.A. Krishnaswamy on the Violin, Melakkaveri Balaji on the Mridangam and Adambakkam Sankar on the Ghatam provided accompaniment. List of songs.

• Yaamarinda mozhigalile tamizh mozhi pol inidaavadengum kanom- Virutham-
Bharatiar- Natakurinji
• Swami Naan undan adimai- Pada varnam- Natakurinji- PS
• Sivakamasundari- Jaganmohini- GKB (S)
• Karunakarane- Keeravani- PS
• Saagaa varam arulvay- Varamu- Bharatiar (R,S)
• Malayathanaal katti- Virutham- Neelaambari
• Mannu pugazh kosalai- Neelambari- Kulasekhara Azhwaar
• Talaye nee vanangaai- Sadari pann (Panthuvarali) Tirunaavukkarasar Tevaram (R)
• Manadirkisainda manaalan- Sankarabharanam _HMB (R,N,S)
• Tani
• Aanirai meyndaada- Virutham- Suruti, Neelambari, Vasantha, Sama, kapi.
• Kannaa Vaa- Ragamalika- Ambujam Krishna
• Tillana- Khamas- LGJ
• Vazhiya senthamizh- Bharatiar

Nothing can be more enjoyable on a Tamizh new year day than an exclusive tamizh songs concert. With her voice in good form, good selection of songs and ragams from a wide variety of prominent tamizh composers, sruti sudham, correct diction, abundant manodharmam, good support from the accompanists, stage presence, this was another memorable concert from Gayathri Girish.

Yaamarinda mozhigalile tamizh mozhi pol inidaavadengum kanom- nobody can forget the mind boggling virutham starting in Shanmugapriya recorded by none other than Bharat Rathna M.S.Subbalakshmi in the 1940s. This provided the most appropriate opening for a Tamizhisai catcheri. The first couple of lines were presented in a lilting Natakurinji with the bhava in tact, as a prelude to the pada varnam. This pada varnam is much popular in dance recitals, but not in concerts. It was a welcome addition to the concert list.

Varamu- Never heard such an elaborate alapana of this ragam-revealed the immense potential embedded in this ragam. No confusion with its sister Hindolam. Her abundant manodharmam with the gamakams and brighas gave a beautiful colour to the ragam. The song of Bharatiar was tuned by her Guru Mahavidwan T.N. Seshagopalan and he has enthralled many concerts with this song. The attraction is the swaraksharam saa gaa and this was intelligently used in the kalpana swarams.

Mannu pugazh kosalai- I have heard this as a ragamalika tuned by BV. Raman and B.V.Lakshmanan. Never heard this Neelambari version. This also is apt for the lullaby for Kutty Krishnan.

Gayathri said any tamizh songs concert will be incomplete without Tevaram and Pasuram. The Tevaram in Sadari pann employs Rupaka talam, Adi talam tisra nadai and chatusra nadai.

Ragam Sankarabharanam was given an elaborate treatment showing the moorchanas, well rounded gamakams and flashing brighas interspersed in long akara sangatis presenting a beautiful picture of this godly ragam. The kriti of Muthiah Bhagavatar- one of the very few kritis of Bhagavatar in Tamizh- was popularised by her Guru. Gayathri presented without any loss of aesthetics and the elaborate neraval and swara prastarams added sheen to it.

The virutham Aanirai meyndaada was sung in the ragams of Kannaa Vaa in reverse order with dripping raga bhavam. Kannaa Vaa is a very beautiful ragamalika tuned and popularised by TNS. Gayathri successfully brought out the typical TNS sangatis in this ragamalika.

The accompanists- M.A. Krishnaswamy presented a few MSG sancharams very admirably. At the same time, he went off key in a few places in Varamu alapana. Melakkaveri Balaji and Adambakkam Sankar provided good support with their anticipation, volume, spacing, clarity and dexterity of strokes. A concert that will remain in the memory for a long time.
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