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#76 Re: Suryaprakash

Post by rajeshnat » 02 Feb 2019, 18:01

I wanted to attend this concert on Jan31st,2019. But I could not attend as work got late and there was no way i could reach arkays on time. Here is a lovely ragamalika of his own

# The song is sangeetha sowbhagyAmE - andOlikA +kAmBodhi + Rasikapriya + Desh + DarbarikAnadA- Suryaprakash

# The words and experience is very much carnatically intense like say thikku theiyatha kattil sung by GNB .
  • ## The Andolika was an anchor of just a statement which is perhaps is a problem of last 250 years . Also he pays obsesiance to the trinity thrimoorthis.

    ## The kAmbOdhi words had a common import of ideas which compare Excess Money that adds Greed perhaps that is last 1000 years old problem. Then a bit of nice play of words of kAmBodhi sollai and lack of time (with the word ganam)

    ## Rasikapriya is touching up everyday chores of an average indian with water shortage,desertification perhaps a 100 years world problem , hitting that indians have to travel abroad for even jobs. He bit ends with patronage of rasikas having time

    ## Desh words are touching upon higher education and settling abroad. He touches upon awards and competition . May be that is a 50 year old problem .

    ## Then the next is a reference to Malayamarutham with a toss of words .The theme is more current and hits the facebook (muganool in thamizh). May be that is a 15 year Mark Zuckerberg created problem.

    ## The reference to darbAriKanada is more looking positively and just throwing all the lament outside. Kind of looking optimistically forward and current in 1+ years . Here i particularly liked the word play of darbAril enai kAnadA and adds that we need a suddha sangeetham .
# I personally did not know about this song at all. I just heard twice this segment to write the above .I think i almost got all words and meaning . This is right example of carnatic classical muse meeting words. Atleast as a rasika i always feel the trinities have to be thanked in the past and overall a good optimistic optimistic and forward looking mindset closure is the key, any kind of social problems getting highlighted without brashness is the key.

# There is definite no political mileage anywhere , just pure carnatic musical mileage . One of a kind musician who is a great composer, such words to keep so extremely contemporary, tuning and singing .

Sangeetha and Composing bravO Suryaprakash, great support by RKSK , NC Bhardwaj and ChandrasekaraSarma.

Just look at this arkay link ... .be&t=8928
Or, our rajagopalan_v who has posted the song with a better recording, the facebook recording is better.

Folks like ravi, arasi,sridhar_rang,ranganayaki,lalitharam etal thoughts (+ and -)on the words and music of this song ?
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