S SHASHANK for Charsur Arts Foundation 27.7.2019

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#1 S SHASHANK for Charsur Arts Foundation 27.7.2019

Post by Sivaramakrishnan »

Charsur Arts Foundation, Chennai
Mid-year Music festival

Shashank Subramaniam- Flute
Vittal Rangn- Violin
Parupalli Phalgun- Mridangam
S Karthick-Ghatam

6.30-8.45 pm.

Charsur Arts Foundation featured Shashank Subramaniam on the second day of their 3 day Mid-Year Music Festival (‘Madhura Ganam Violin-Venu-Veena’) at the Millenium Hall, Alwarpet. The event (26,27,28 July) had been dedicated to the respective instruments with Mysore Brothers, Shashank and Rajhesh Vaidya performing on the respective dates. It was perhaps a way of addressing the issue of extending exclusive prime slots for instrumental solo which is not common in the city. It was well received by rasikas.

Shashank’s concert included the following:
1. Kaanada- Ata Taala Varnam
2. Mohanam- Evarura ninuvina- Misra Chapu- Tyagaraja
3. Dhenuka- Teliyalerurama bhaktimarga- Aadi- Tyagaraja
4. Kuntalavarali- Bhogeendrasaayinam- Khandachaapu- Swati Tirunal
5. Purvikalyani : Ragam -Taanam- Pallavi – Aadi 2 kalai – [email protected]
6. Jaunpuri – Eppovaruvaro
7. Ragamalika- Chinnachirukiliye- Rupaka_ Bharatiyar
8. Sindhubhairavi- Chandrasekhara Easaa

Shashank who began breezily with the Kaanada varnam interestingly played ‘second speed tisra swaras’ for charana passages indicating a laya-laden offering but presented pleasant rhythmic patterns in the pieces that followed.

A brief yet sober Mohanam alapana concentrating on the lower octaves preceded ‘Evarura’ with swaraprastaras at the charana passage. The ‘ 4 maatra thalli eduppu’ with excellent kurraippu ably returned by Vittal was entertaining. The percussionists played with vigour.

For the next number, as is his way, Shashank asked the rasikas to choose between Natabhairavi and Dhenuka. A strong yet justified option from our forumite CRama (my ‘next seater’ in the hall) for Dhenuka saw the flautist embarking upon an expansive alapana of the raga well returned by the violinist. ‘TeliyaleruRama bhaktimarga’, the evergreen kriti, was rendered sensitively and with abundant Kalpanaswara-s at the Pallavi. A take-off at ‘Aadi Taalam oru kalai onnarai edam’, usually enables artists to weave imaginative rhythmic patterns with the percussionists contributing with zest to prompt the eduppus! Phalgun and Karthick were no exception.

The RTP in Purvikalyani (‘’Ganalola Muralidhara Gopala Madhava SriVenu’’) was probably oriented more towards the aesthetics and devoid of the usual trikaala-anuloma-pratiloma exercises. However the Pallavi was taken to second speed for swaraprastaras. The ragamalika swaras traversed a variety of scales including Bindumalini, Gavathi, Kedaram, Ranjani, Pantuvarali, Hamsanandi, Madhyamavati etc. ‘Gavathi’, a close ally of Bindumalini -was a subtle quiz for the rasikas. (I too obtained the answer only from the Master after the recital!). The ‘crown korvai’ was impressive. The Tani was short and sweet and endowed with a fair decibel discipline.

Perhaps Shashank was making a rare appearance during the off-season, there was a very good turnout of rasikas who relished the concert till the finish. The maestro demonstrated the full scope of the instrument with myriad blowing and fingering techniques for which he deployed about half a dozen bamboo pieces of different timbre which was an educative experience too.

A nice musical evening.

The ambiance and acoustics at the Millennium hall seemed to be indicative of yet another compact venue for music events.

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#2 Re: S SHASHANK for Charsur Arts Foundation 27.7.2019

Post by CRama »

That was a candid review of a beautiful concert. Shashank is normally seen only during the December season and thanks to Charsur for hosting this concert.

When he asked our choice of Denuka or Natabairavi, I expressed my choice of Denuka rather strongly and he obliged by presenting a memorable Denuka in that. The RTP in Poorvikalyani was also presented with due justice to all the elements of the RTP.

The accompanists provided excellent support. Especially, the young Vittal rangan. He should soon become a frontline violinist.

Sivaramakrishnan, I remember hearing a Subhapanthuvarali in the ragamalika segment. Thank you for the erudite review.

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