Mridangam Arangetram of Chi. Pratham Subrahmanya

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#1 Mridangam Arangetram of Chi. Pratham Subrahmanya

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Mridangam Arangetram (Debut Concert) of Chi Pratham Subrahmanya on July 20th 2019

Student of Laya Kala Ratna Vidwan Sri Ramesh Srinivasan, Sarvalaghu Percussion Arts Center, San Jose accompanying Sangita Kalanidhi Dr. Sri. M, Chandrasekaran, and Vidushi Smt. G Bharathi on Violin, and Vidwan Sr. S.V.Ramani on Ghatam.

Date: Saturday, 20th July 2019
Venue: Lakireddy Auditorium in Shiva-Vishnu Temple, Livermore, CA

Chief Guest:
- Sri. R. Balasubramaniam, President, Aradhana Committee (Organizers of Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival)
Guest of Honor:
- Mr. John Marchand, Mayor of Livermore City, CA

Pratham is an 8th grader. He apparently has deep interest in Astrophysics. Pratham's cousin sister Purvaja compered the program.

Invocation song was shAradhE karunAnidhE in hamIr kalyAni and it was well rendered by Pratham’s sister Parnika. It was an afternoon well spent in the ambience of Livermore Temple and susangeetham.

Here is the list of items in the concert.
- Mohana varnam - Adi - Poochi Srinivasa Iyengar
- pranamAmyaham - Gowlai - Adi - Mysore Vasudevachar
- nArAyana - Suddha Dhanyasi (vocal) - Kanda Chapu - purandaradasar
- pAvanaguru - hamsAnandhi- rupakam - Lalitha dasar -
- marivErE - Anandha Bhairavi - Mishra Chapu - Shyama Shastri
- bantureethi - hamsanAdham - Adi - Thyagaraja
- maragathavallIm - kAmbOdhi - 2 kalai Adi - Dikshithar
- Thani
- RTP - Ranjani - Thisra thriputa - harE rAma gOvinda murArE mukunda sowrE murahara
- Chinnanchiru kiliyE - rAgAmAlika - BhArathiyAr
- Thillana - Adi - Balamuralikrishna
- bhagyAdha - madhyamAvathi - Adi - Purandara Dasar
- mangalam

The program started with the Mohana varnam very melodiously rendered by the violin maestros. Subsequently Pranamamyaham was beautifully rendered and Chandrasekaran sir nicely sang along while playing the violin for which Pratham provided the right touches.

This was followed by pAvana Guru for which Pratham played well for the swarams. Nice anticipation giving the right pauses and embellishment. Bantureethi was the next song and Pratham seemed to really enjoy providing accompaniment for the faster tempo.
Then came the main item of the evening “Maragathavalli” started with an amazing raga alapana by the maestro - still ringing in our ears. Literally the violin was speaking the saahityam - such was the clarity and rendered with the full grandeur and depth and an apt kaalapramanam. What an opportunity and platform for Pratham to play for Maestro Chandru mama & Vidushi Bharathi! Coupled with amazing support by Vidwan Sri S V Ramani on ghatam, Pratham exhibited the right amount of restraint required to accompany an instrumental rendition filled with so much subtlety and beauty by the main artists.
The tani which followed was well executed and was an appropriate extension for the mood and feel of the main song. Both Pratham and Vidwan Sri S V Ramani enthralled the audience with their exchanges.

Pratham also did a nice konnakkol. The konnakkol recital seems to be regular feature during both the tani and during the pallavi at these mridangam arangetrams.

The pallavi lines were harE rAma gOvinda murArE mukunda sowrE murahara in Ranjani ragam and the eduppu was two after the second veechu which is called athitha eduppu as it is before the samam or start of the talam!

The tukkadas by Chandrasekaran sir were also such a delight as always with his customary flourishes and deft touches on the violin and ably supported by Vidushi Bharathi. The Chinnanchiru kiliye ending with his trademark crisp touch never ceases to impress - left everyone including the artists on the stage in a smile.

Dr. BMK Sir’s thillana was a fitting finale to a grand concert and Pratham provided able percussion accompaniment with guidance/support from Vidwan Sri SV Ramani on ghatam.

The Mayor of Livermore spoke nicely of the performance and the stamina it takes to play a full concert such as this one.
Cleveland Balasubramaniam mama mentioned how when looking at Pratham, he got reminded of how Sangeetha Kalanidhi Ramabhadran mama makes complicated rhythms sound like simple Sarvalaghu that everyone will enjoy. He added how is very happy Sri Ramesh Srinivasan is carrying on that tradition and keeping the flag of Ramabhadran mama's Sarvalaghu flag flying high. Cleveland Balu mama also mentioned the yeoman service provided by the Cleveland Sundaram mama and his contributions to the annual Cleveland Tyagarja Aradhana festival.
Chandrasekaran mama honored Cleveland Balu mama and spoke a few words himself.

A notable point to appreciate is that without compromising their academic commitments, kids like Pratham are committing themselves to our culture and art forms to the best of their abilities.

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