Maiden Carnatic Violin concert of Srinath Hariharan

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#1 Maiden Carnatic Violin concert of Srinath Hariharan

Post by Sivaramakrishnan »

Maiden Carnatic Violin concert (Violin Arangetram) of Srinath Hariharan
‘Parampara’ and International Foundation for Carnatic Music
Srinivasa Sastri Hall, Chennai
The maiden Carnatic violin concert (or Arangetram) of young Srinath Hariharan was held on 28 July in Sastri hall, Mylapore, Chennai – the haloed venue of several thousands of concerts in the hub of Carnatic music. Neyveli Narayanan and S Karthick were the distinguished accompanists on Mridangam and Ghatam for this Arangetram event. The event was organised under the aegis of ‘Parampara’ and Interrnational Foundation for Carnatic Music.

The teenager, son of Chitra and Hariharan from Minneapolis started learning music under Bhargavi Balasubramanian about 5 years ago and later came under the tutelage of Sangeet Samraat Chitraveena Ravikiran and has quickly grasped the performance skills for Carnatic music. He has won several prestigious music competitions including at the Cleveland festival much ahead his age.

The Arangetram was thoughtfully designed to bring out the talents of the boy as a soloist as well as an accompanist and it was a resounding success for Srinath. The solo recital was wholesome and in line with the sampradayam. Srinath has got a bold and beautiful bowing style with precise fingering techniques. And he plays with confidence too.

The Saranga kriti Gananaathaney was a good prelude to Chintaya maakandamoolakandam (Bhairavi-Dikshitar) with a fine and faultless raga alapana. The swarprastara at ‘Utthungakamaniya vrishaturangam’ with an atheetha eduppu for Rupaka taalam was brilliant. Kalyani (Pankajalochana – Swati Tirunal) was the main item. The alapana and kriti rendering were impressive. The kalpanaswaras in Misrachapu had a befitting Korvai at the end. A Uthukadu Venkatakavi kriti in Malavi (which is rare on the concert platforms) was the next. Srinath concluded his violin solo recital of an hour and half with a Tillana composed by his Guru Ravikiran. The excellent percussion support of Neyveli Narayanan and Karthick boosted the overall impact of the recital.

Senior Violin Vidwan V V Subrahmanyam felicitated the young artist. A galaxy of renowned Vidwans & Vidushis, rasikas and invitees was present and all of them were in praise of the lad for his musical abilities. Guru Ravikiran and the family members of Srinath were happy and proud amidst the grand gathering.

In the slot that followed, Srinath provided violin accompaniment to Akkarai sisters Subhalakshmi and Sornalatha noted for their exuberant style, began with a varnam in Reetigoula, a composition of Ravikiran. The next item was Purandaradasa’s Jaya jaya jaya Janaki kantha in Naattai set to khandachapu. The intricate swaraprastara rendered by the sisters was ably returned by the enthusiastic young violinist who never showed signs of fatigue. Purvikalyani alapana nicely followed by the violinist came in next. The kriti PadmavathiRamanam was a brilliant presentation. Sarojadalanetri (Sankarabharanam) was the main item and Srinath performed finely in his role as an accompanist too. He was at home playing in both pitches with equal ease.

Talent embellishes under expert tutelage and professional grooming and Srinath is certain to go places in his musical journey.

And the candidate here has cleared the 'Mylapore concert test' too in flying colours!

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#2 Re: Maiden Carnatic Violin concert of Srinath Hariharan

Post by arasi »

Thank you Sivaramakrishnan for a detailed and observant review of both the concerts. The youngsters make us all proud. The musical lineage and brilliance of his guru shines through. Congratulations. The best to Srinath :)
And also to Akkarai Sisters...

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#3 Re: Maiden Carnatic Violin concert of Srinath Hariharan

Post by CRama »

Thank you Sivaramakrishnan for your erudite review. Happy to know about the accomplishments of the young vidwan in such an early age. Best of luck to the vidwan. Waiting to see him share the stage with today's stars and also at the centre stage..

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#4 Re: Maiden Carnatic Violin concert of Srinath Hariharan

Post by thanjavooran »

Many thanks for the beautiful review.
Wishes to srinath. VVS's blessing is a must for the budding artiste.
03 08 2019

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