Pantula [email protected] Sivasailam (Academy) on Oct 04th ,2019

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#1 Pantula [email protected] Sivasailam (Academy) on Oct 04th ,2019

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Pantula [email protected] Sivasailam (Academy) on Oct 04th ,2019
Vocal : Pantula Rama
Violin : RK Shriramkumar
Mrudangam : J. Vaidyanathan
Morsing : Bhagyalakshmi
Tambura : 2 of them were strumming

Concert Type : Nirvana and free
Time/Day : 2 exact hours of concert starting 07:10 PM
Occassion : Indira Sivasailam Award given to vidushi pantula and also the other 3 artists - RKSK,JV and Bhagyalakshmi.

01. gopALaka pAHimAm(S) - bhoopalam - ST
4 mins swaras
02. akhilAndEshwari (R) - jujAvanti - MD
4 mins alapana and 3 mins violin return

03. sArasamukhi (CS)- gowdamalhAr - HMB
04. Devi neeyE thunai (R N S T) - keeravani - P sivan
5 mins alapana and 3 mins violin return
4 mins neraval in alaimagal kalaimagal pani geervAni
2 mins swaras
05. nannu kanna talli nA bhAgyamA - kEsari - T

06. RTP in kalyani in ata taalam for 36 mins
RTP is on carnatic trimurthi with their respective ishta devatas and had chatushrAM, Tisram and khandam for T, SS and MD respecitively
Kalyani alapana by both for 11 mins and 6 mins taanam
Pallavi line was --->>> rAmAnu braha pAtra Thyaga brahma ,kAmAkshi pAlitha shyamA ,shanmugha Aptha??? muthukumAra namastE
Ragamaliga swaras in kalyani + sahana + cintamani?? + shuruTTi

07. jagadU dhArana - HIndustani kapi - PD
08. navanIta cOra dEvaki vasudEva - shenjuruTTi - T
09. thillana - thirana dhom tha thirana - jinjOti - Veena seshanna
10. pavamana to rajeeva nayana - sowrashtram -T

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#2 Re: Pantula [email protected] Sivasailam (Academy) on Oct 04th ,2019

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This review is of three parts 1. Speeches prior to concert 2. COncert review and 3 . Few words about Indira Sivasailam Foundation

1. Speeches Prior To Concert
This concert and award was publicised a lot in print and internet media. There was a regular update with ads in THe Hindu for the past few days. This day Oct 04th,2019 it was a very tough day to make up my mind on where to go . I had to choose between TRS Day in Arkays where Chitravina Ravikiran performed and Pantula Rama getting this award . THe invitation read the program starts at 05:30 and I assumed the concert will start at anytime from 6 to 06:30. As i entered around 06:30 pm V Sriram spoke , as such the concert start was not as early as i thought it would be .I only heard sriram's last part where he said that Indira Sivasailam foundation (ISF) was on its own and the MA awards committee was different . That is certainly evident with the list of awardees . ANother academy committee member Dr R Vedavalli disciple Ms Sumathi Krishnan read the crisp citation . Apart from Pantula receiving award , the other 3 also were invited and given awards by Shri Murali and Smt Mallika Srinivasan.

Pantula Rama speech was really great , she kept her focus with reverence . I donot know personally the non musical persona of Pantula Rama . WHen she spoke i felt more than reverance ,there was also a lot of contextual reference to few who have helped her . As expected she thanked her musical parents , her musical in laws and she was really articulate in making a thoughtful suggestion that her better Half MSN Murthy also deserves such a rich honour. Her eyes were possibly moist (my guess) and her tone was with maximum reverance when she recollected her Guru Itavuri Vijayeswara?? Rao .I am personally guessing Shri Ivaturi Rao was like PSN of Vizag.

For me personally the biggest contextual reference that she made was she thanking Sarvani Sangeetha sabha . THen her mention of 3 top personalities whom i cherish almost every day .Pantula said her journey was immensely shaped by Nadopasana Srinivasan, Safe Ramabadran and Taala Raaga Swaroopan. She said once TRS called Pantula melody queen and corrected as melody princess . I personally have had a long discussion about Pantula with nadopasana srinivasan and i can correlate that much deeply when pantual mentioned about nadopasana srinivasan.Pantual closely her speech where she said a lot of rasikas who cheered her are here and she did not mention names . Perhaps I am adding one name in the review there was this Late Venkateswaran who immensely like pantula , incidentally i think my first journey of hearing Pantula was either in sarvani or may be IIT madras in 2005 to 2007 timeframe. I distinctly recollect atleast that day post IIT Madras concert of pantula i dropped late venkateshwaran.

2. Concert Review
Concerts gets sabotaged partly with awards , i was expecting 06:30 plus start but the start went to 07:05 pm. Pantula of late i have observed is making good progress in marketing her . I see some campaigns like pa ra ...supreme etc. Certainly this award is a delight to me for sure . FOr me few vidushis i personally lik atleast 4 of them a lot . Rajee Gopalakrishnan, Pantula rama , Sangeetha swaminathan and Amrutha Venkatesh , it is bit strange most of them have their present domicile away from Madras . Well what i know about vizag other than Voleti , A kanyakumari and now Pantula .

Pantula stated that she will sing for 2 hours and will include a lot of songs that Smt indira sivasailam liked as she had talked with her daughter Mallika Srinivasan. Smt Indira has also learnt from DK Jayaraman and I am not sure if she had other gurus . Start was crisp my head crossed on the bhooplam-bowli-revagupti and Pantula popped up with a nice opener in bhoopalam with the gopalaka pahimam anisham. This tirunal number is certainly a real swathi(pearl) hit. Swaras were crisp and well done .Her voice was bit not that perfect . The next was jujavanti . I am assuming mallika would have said my amma loves akhilandeshwari , the jujavanthi is special in many ways - arresting sahityam , intoxicating aroma of jujavanthi , a lazy drag at times all are great and i enjoyed her jujavanthi .

THe next sarasamukhi was not sung well by pantula . Pantula did not reach higher octaves that easily in anupallavi , sArasamukhi was bit voice lost sakala bhAgyahE.It was time for submain or main ,and it was keeravani . LOsing Throat due to incidental infection is a situation which is say 1 out 3 days type . Pantula did not have a very opened up voice but her real strength in general is to get a stable pitch with nice shruthi . WIth her pitch latched pantula exceptionally centers her delivery in madhyamakalam that easily goes into lower register. Keeravani alapana and immortal devi neeye thunai krithi was well done . Neraval in alaimagal kalaimagal should give me the MS amma Madurai rajagopuram effect but pantula in neraval was cautious .With caution the neraval was not that great. Swaras were just touch and go she conveyed in body language to JV and Bhagyalakshmi -Please take your tani and i have already told that i am going to sing a RTP.

There was a kesari filler and it was not that great it just went as quick one scoop kesari . She announced the pallavi is connecting the ishta devata of all three trimurthis .She announced the ata taalam and also the raga is kalyani . She also said it is so appropriate to sing kalyani during navarathri . VIdushi pantula i respectfully disagree there are many ragas for navarathri as a better antidote to kalyani , to begin with i would name Bhairavi .

The raga alapana of kalyani was quite drowsy she did not go to some brigha swirls like GNB or MLV.The taanam was well done . Pantula voice strength in lower to mid octaves is her asset and taanam showcased Pantula . THe neraval in pallavi was a steady toss of words of ishta devata and trinity. I have personally heard few trimuruthy based pallavi lines and this also I would recollect for a long time. IN swaras the movement from kalyani to sahana was lovely.I think i heard cintamani??? , not sure on that and the last shurutti was a great closure .Her tukkada in hindustani kapi was not jagadO but jagadu udharana . THis PD number is a great charmer and all rasikas were charmed by her lovely rendition- ramas melodious delivery was showcased . THe back to back shenjurutti and jinjoti was quite a head turning choice , i liked more the navanIta cOra dEvaki where her spacing with so much air and naadham is quite special.

She is of late branding that she is a complete nee nama roopamulaku singer where she sings all the sahityams. THere is quite a bit of distinct marketing and a move away from restless pavamanas that many musicians sing .She pauses at the beginning of neenAma as though she is sing another tukkadA . But in the end it is just nee naama roopamulaku few more singular phrases ending with nayana thyagaraja , musically there is only one line of sowrashtram but it is a profound benediction to sadguru THygaraja.

RKSK press was there , he played very well the ragamaliga but in kalyani and keeravani his tone was not that clean . THere is a shade of divine VV Subramaniam Nadham that i missed , possibly music academy Airconditioning was the culprit. JV played very well he knows to charge without banging and in the last few days i am noticing JV is truly rocking . MOrsing Bhagyalakshmi is a bangalore vidushi she played tani so well , during returns of violin her moresing made me aurally think that violin was a bit of lesssing.

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#3 Re: Pantula [email protected] Sivasailam (Academy) on Oct 04th ,2019

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Few words about Indira Sivasailam Foundation
1. This is my first visit to ISF award function .They are into their 10th year since 2010 when they first gave the ISF award to Sudha. They pick up great artist and more importantly they celebrate the artist achievement in a far far biggger way.

2. It is nice that the prime 200 year old Newspaper THe Hindu which generally teams a lot with the prime 100 year old sabha Music Academy with perhaps the prime 10 year old TAFE- Mallika Srinivasan and Indira sivasailam foundation

3. I did not know that even food is served free. I put some fuel in near by place and i was surprised to see the whole parking lot was converted to a great food festival . I grabbed Bajji, Masala Dosa , Badam Halwa or kesari and Coffee . THe coffee was not that hot and with the kesari in badam and then a bit later with sadguru thyagaraja kesari nannu kanna thalli , it was difficult to concentrate in first floor of academy where at that time 10 rows vacated around 08:30 PM. Konjam Reduced food will help and that time can be apportioned for another additional 15 mins concert time.

4. Corporate sponsors for Carnatic Music is a big step in the right direction. THere are few corporates who mindlessly throw at times -it is wasted in excess gibberish talk/loud ads/ excess visuals . In all those events i for sure is lost in the search of actual aural musical content in these corporate events. But Indira sivasailam under the leadership of Mallika hardly place them before the award . They truly facilitate and remain in the backend . If there is some celebration it is just aesthetic stage decoration (it is really wonderful you have to see that).

5. It appears the triple combo of TAFE-Academy-The Hindu are big trinities in the global concert circuit where they are going to lead and propagate what CM can be in the future . Kudos to the recent baby Indira Sivasailam Foundation and profound pranams to Late Smt Indira Sivasailam. Best wishes to Mrs Mallika Srinivasan and her TAFE- ISF team.

Overall a very good to excellent concert for 2 hours,award ceremonies for atleast 30 mins and possibly atleast 1 of 2 avoidable kesaris.

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#4 Re: Pantula [email protected] Sivasailam (Academy) on Oct 04th ,2019

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Thanks for your review Rajesh!

07. jagadU dhArana - HIndustani kapi - PD should be jagadOddArana

09. thillana - thirana dhom tha thirana - jinjOti - Veena seshanna should be dhiranA tana dhIm ta dhiranA

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#5 Re: Pantula [email protected] Sivasailam (Academy) on Oct 04th ,2019

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Sreeni Rajarao wrote: 06 Oct 2019, 18:12
07. jagadU dhArana - HIndustani kapi - PD should be jagadOddArana
All the renditions prior to Pantula in all forms i have heard only jagadO but she sang like jagadu and some times the second part was also sung as uddArana. I did not hear jagadO at all with a O . In any case her rendition was O O.

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#6 Re: Pantula [email protected] Sivasailam (Academy) on Oct 04th ,2019

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Smt Rama sings Navanita chora in NavaRoj and not Senchurutti.
In youtube her own video of this is avlbl.

Both Jagada udhdhaarana is correct and
Jagadodhdharanaa are correct from Sanskrit point of view

Jagadu udhdhaaranaa seems incorrect but Kannadda speakers can confirm

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