BHARAT SANGEET UTSAV 2019- 6/11/2019

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#1 BHARAT SANGEET UTSAV 2019- 6/11/2019

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• Abhogi varnam
• Gajananayutam- Chakravakam- MD (S)
• Mariveregati evaramma- Anandabhairavi- SS (S)
• Dinamanivamsa- Harikambodi- T (S)
• Tiruvotriyur Tyagarajan- Athana- Tiruvotriyur Tyagaiyer
• RTP- Saraswati- Khanda Triputa
• Sahithyam-Namate Sarade Kahmirapuravasini
Akhanda Bharata Sobhini
• Tani avartanam
• Mangalam.

As the programme was announced in the brochure, the concert of Thrissur Bros was really a scintillating one. They were in great form, well prepared to present a vibrant show. There was no sag right from the Abhogi varnam. All the kritis were presented in the authentic patantharam and right kalaparamanam. The kritis in Anandabhairavi and Harikambodi were decorated with sumptuous Swaraprastarams. RTP in Saraswati was a pleasant surprise. The brothers are famous for their pallavis in North Indian ragams like Sudha Sarang, Mian ki todi etc. Good that they chose Saraswati. I have never heard such an elaborate raga alapana. The raga swaroopam was unfolded in the opening few phrases itself. The ragam and tanam were shared by both the brothers and their astounding manodharmam was quite evident in the alapana. The pallavi was a tribute to the Bharata Mata who got Kashmir officially annexed into Akhanda Bharat. All the elements of the RTP were presented well. The Raga malika swarams were in Mohanam, Hamsanadam, Sudhadhanyasi (Violin), Dhanyasi, Behag, Kapi (Violin) and Desh.

The concert could have been planned better. In a concert of two hours, there was only one raga alapana- the alapana for the RTP. By pruning the swara prastarams, they could have gone for an elaborate alapana of Anandabhairavi. The raga alapana of Saraswati also was too long and contained many repetitive phrases. It could have been cropped for better aesthetic effect. And there was no neraval except the RTP. Here also it was a touch and go affair. There was no time for even one tukkada.

L.Ramakrishnan’s swara returns were most appropriate and his alapana of Saraswati was succinct. The Mridangam remained out of tune for most of the concert.

The huge audience went into raptures for most of the time indulging into thunderous applause. But for my above observations, it was a very enjoyable concert.

• Varanamukhava- Hamsadhwani- Koteeswara Iyer
• Kadaikann vaithennai aalamma- Begada-Ramaswamy Sivan (N)
• Korinavaramosagu- Ramapriya _PSI (R,N,)
• Ema ninne- Mukhari- Subbraya Sastry (R,S)
• Vachamagochara- Kaikavasi- T
• Kasi Visweswara- Kambodi- MD- Ata talam (R,S)
• Tani avartanam
• Samsaravemba sagara- Sudhasaveri _PD
• Tiruvazha- Ragamalika
• Nadabindu kaladi- Chenjuruti- Tirupugazh
• Mangalm

It was a very traditional concert which Vijay Siva is known to give always. His open throated singing, long akara phrases, well rounded gamakams, brighas, authentic patantharam of kritis, astounding manodharmam, proportion- all blended judiciously to present a wholesome concert never deviating from the traditional concert format. Lakshana and lakshya go hand in hand in his concerts. Three alapanas- Ramapriya, Mukhari and Kambodi were presented elaborately with no loss of minute nuances and no ambiguity in the structure. His voice has got the felicity to travel three octaves with consummate ease. The kritis were presented in the right kalapramanam with no distortion in the authentic patantharam which he has imbibed from his Gurus DKJ/DKP. For the song Kadaikann vaithennai alamma, he sang one more charanam starting Tanjam endror tamai nokki and he did neraval on those lines. For the song Korinaavara, he sang the neraval on the lines Sarivarilona. The swaras for Mukhari amd Kambodi were well designed. The song In Kambodi is a very rare song- never heard on the stage and is in Ata talam- one among the very few songs n Ata talam. The virutham Paal ninaindoottum preceded the kriti.

Akkarai Subhalakshmi was in top form- as she is always on stage. Her alapanas were brimming with raga bhavam and very pleasant on the ears and maintaining right proportion. N.C.Bharadwaj on the Mridangam embellished the concert largely with his right volume, deft strokes and clarity. The tani avartanam in Ata talam was very engaging. Sunil Kumar was a great combination with N.C.Bharadwaj.

One disciple of Vijay Siva who provided vocal support sang very well- with confidence and perfection. He was provided full amplification and had his share in alapana, neraval and swara prastaram. His long swara avartanam fetched a loud applause. But I could not get his name.

An excellent concert for two hours fifteen minutes.

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#2 Re: BHARAT SANGEET UTSAV 2019- 6/11/2019

Post by hnbhagavan »

Vijaya Siva

He is truly outstanding not withstanding the ill treatment by Music Academy not honoring with well deserved SK title.
A man of principles never compromising on the Classical portion.Very effortless singing.
In one of the Ramanavami concert a few years ago he took upon rasikas in the concert for being glued to mobile.
No doubt it did not go well with organisers as he was not featured in the coming years.

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