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Review the latest concerts you have listened to.
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#1 [email protected] on Nov 24th,2019

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[email protected] on Nov 24th,2019
Vocal : Saketharamn
Violin : L Ramakrishnan
Mrudangam : Neyveli Narayanan
Kanjira : Sunil

Concert Type : Nirvana and free
Time/Day : 6:30 pm to 08:45 pm ,Sunday
Sabha/Hall : AMadhuradhwani,Arkays Hall , Luz

01. inta tamasa(S) -varnam - LGJ
02. paripAlaymAm (RS ,S) - reetigowlai -ST
2 mins alapana with no violin return
7 mins swaras

03. sudhA madhurya (R S) - vandanadhArini -GNB
5 mins alapana and 4 mins violin return
8 mins swaras

I went on time but due to some family exigency had to leave at the end of third number . Saketharaman started with a distinct lalgudi stamp with a lovely varnam . The contours of Kannada are distinct with Lalgudi clearly disambiguating from begada .Saketharaman also proceeded with a volley of swaras which were just there . I would not say the team blended that well . THe next in reetigowlai was in the zone of excellence in the swaras but during krithi bit more reetigowlai distinct rasa would have made me bit more happier . GNB created magic with vandanadhArini , the raga alapana was well done by saketaraman with great brighas. The song and swaras had its GNB share of exuberance and I was thinking saketharaman was settling very well with the vandanadharini. The experienced and seasoned narayanan along with L ramakrishnan were giving great support .L Ramakrishnan could have avoided the same long return in succession for swaras for both reetigowlai and vandanadharini , but saketh insisted that.I did not hear that much Sunil . Unfortunately i had to leave at the end of third song with a very satisfied vandanadharini.

pushing this review so that some one else can write about the rest of the concert . I am sure there were forumites there.

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And I missed you again at yet another concert.

Excellent concert it was. Special mention to L Ramakrishnan's just out of the world dhanyAsi and swara replies.

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