Classic Keeravani by Spoorthi

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#1 Classic Keeravani by Spoorthi

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Kedaram in its series of promoting young talents held a Carnatic classical by
Kum Spoorthi recently, uploaded by Parivadani.
I was spellbound by her rendition of Keeravani and the master piece of Saint Thyagaraja-
Kaligiyunte. Her alapana and nereval @ Bhaguga Sri Raghu was full of bhavam, splendid manodharmam and exquisite. The Swaras revealed her firm grip on Laya. The chiitaswara for Vararagalaya was sung with aplomb, reminiscing GNB.
Spoorthi is truly gifted and has a great future ahead. God Bless.
I am very happy that she has prioritised Carnatic music in her musical journey.

The link for the concert

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