Hyd Kalasagaram - Kunnakudi M. Balamuralikrishna

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#1 Hyd Kalasagaram - Kunnakudi M. Balamuralikrishna

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Hyd- Kalasagaram - 52nd Annual Festival of Music, Dance & Drama

Kunnakudi M. Balamuralikrishna
H. N. Bhaskar - violin
Delhi Sairam - mridangam
Trichy Krishnaswamy – ghatam

Song List:
1. vanajakshi – kalyANi ata tala varnam - Pallavi Gopāla Iyer
2. ninne bhajana – nAttai – T (S @ ‘sIthanatha sakala loka palaka’)
3. paradevathe padham nambinen – maNirangu – P. Sivan
4. vEnkata ramaNa un thiruviLayAdal – lathAngi – P. Sivan ( R – 9 min, vio- 6 min; N & S @ alarmel mangai maNALA, ambujanAbha dayALA)
5. mAyammA yanine pilachithE – Ahiri – SS
6. koluvaiyunnADE – bhairavi – T (R – 13min, vio – 7 min., & S @ manasu ranjilla)
7. tani – 24 min
8. hariguNa gAvath – dIpAli - meera bhajan , after a brief raga sketch
9. bhaja bhaja mAnasa – sindhu bhairavi – ST
10. muruga muruga ena nee sol – hamsAnandi – Smt. Gomathy Ramasubramaniam?
11. thillana – brindAvani – BMK
12. mangalam

The brisk varnam was itself an indication of what was going to follow. This was my first time listening to KBMK live, which I had been was eagerly waiting for. Also, after a gap of some years, I was a bit free to be able to attend the second half of this series; the launch of Hyd-METRO services also eased my commuting from office to reach the venue on time. So, this favorite varnam was refreshing in so many ways. Ninne bhajana, rendered with bhavam and beautiful kalpana swarams, reminded me of the Hyd. Sisters, who to my pleasant surprise, where sitting in the front row putting thalam and appreciating the young vidwan. [I have observed several times, that they come before the start of the concert of other artistes and stay till the end, unlike several others who walk in and walk out in the middle of the kucheri noisily, and disrupting the ambience. This gesture speaks about their grace and mananimity.] Next, ‘Paradevathe’ was a new kriti was some of us, a nice delicacy. Good! Item #s 3 & 4 of Papanasam Sivan were very enjoyable, with a nice raga alapana of lathAngi and the neraval.

While the rasikas were still humming the lathAngi neraval lines in bliss, he started ‘mAyamma’ from the anupallavi line ‘nyayamaa’ and melodiously traversed to the pallavi. I am sure that after listening to his plea, Meenakshi ambal has come down to Keyes high school that day to bless us all as well. Another young rasika has uploaded a snippet of this kriti rendition on FB. Then came the GRAND main of the evening in bhairavi, with a detailed alapana both by KBMK and HNB, and the kriti rendered quite slowly (after the speedy items in the first half). I was wondering whether there will be a neraval here also, and realized KBMK had planned otherwise. Only, that the swaram-rendition section in every kriti was overstretched and distasteful. Some of us felt that the excess acrobatics seemed to compromise the melody and beauty of the ragam and the sahithyam that he had sung till then.The tani avarthanam appeared to be quite extended, leaving some of us puzzled. Choosing to sing this variety of compositions in the tukkada section was immensely enjoyable. The excellent support by HNB, Sairam & TK was well received by the audience. Overall it was a nice kucheri.

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#2 Re: Hyd Kalasagaram - Kunnakudi M. Balamuralikrishna

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Tx for ur review and bigger thanks to hyderabad metro. You are lucky to have metro near your work. In chennai where the max workplace is there is no metro yet .

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#3 Re: Hyd Kalasagaram - Kunnakudi M. Balamuralikrishna

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Best of luck. After a long time review from Hyderabad.
With wishes,
09 12 2019

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