Sandeep [email protected] Academy(Sastri Hall)on Dec 09th,2019

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#1 Sandeep [email protected] Academy(Sastri Hall)on Dec 09th,2019

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Sandeep [email protected] Academy (Sastri Hall)on Dec 09th,2019
Vocal : Sandeep Narayan
Violin : L Ramakrishnan
Mrudangam : Trivandrum Balaji
Ghatam : Chandrasekara sharma

Concert Type : Nirvana and free
Time/Day : 6:30 pm to 08:40 pm ,Monday
Sabha : Sannidhi Trust started by mrudangam artist TR Sundaresan
Hall : Sastri Hall

01. varnam - vanajAkshiO(RS,S) - kalyani-Poochi Iyengar
4 mins swaras
02. kAppaduvE uNadu bhAram (CS)- Anandabhairavi - Tanjore Sivanandam

03. neekEla dayarAdu (RS,S) - sarasAngi - ramaswamy sivan
2 mins alapana without violin return
6 mins swaras
04. mA jAnaki (R N) - kAmbOdhi -T
11 mins alapana and 7 mins violin return
9 mins neraval in rAja rAja vara

05. ninnE nammiTi nayya (R S T)- simmhendramadhyamam - MV
13 mins alapana and 6 mins violin return
9 mins swaras
05B. tani for 16 mins

06. gOpala gOkula vallabi - shyam kalyan??? - tulsidas
07. thillana tanana dhIranA ... kandA untAzh enakkarul - niroshta - Madurai TN Seshagopalan

Vidwan TR Sundaresan conducts from his trust spending his money by featuring few days of concerts every decemeber. He usually conducts in TNR hall but this year he was able to squeeze it for few days in the historic sastri hall. Sandeep had a great team , he started with kalyani varnam. Not the best of gelling happened between percussionist and vocalist . With his brish swaras in varnam , I did not register a great blend from the team.

Lovely anandabhairavi rolled in as #2. i just love this Tanjore sivanandam song composed on Tanjore Brihadeeshwara. The sanjay within Sandeep was well exhibited in anandabhairavai . The next alapana was clean, no confusion of sarasangi vs charukesi even for a few seconds for me . Krithi and swaras were well done with the rare ramaswamy sivan sarasangi krithi.

Roaring kambodhi alapana was superb and when it is submain ,i already made up my mind that the most likeliest submain ma janaaki will only be rendered. Indeed the finest kambodhi with wow janaki came up very well .I wish he went on after a lovely neraval to swaras but he fragmented a bit wholesome experience by NOT singing swaras with his kAmbOdhi.

The best 10 mins section was some time in the alapana of simmhendra madhyamam. Great ideas with really flashing brigas .Expected krithi ninnne nammithi nayya came up well . In swaras sandeep put me in a bit of deepsand , excessive kanakku with he thumping loudly in thighs did bother me as it came in between the actual music and my ears .

THe tukkadas were both well done . While the tulasidas bhajan was very ghazalish . Sandeep had great control of voice and melody in the rare tulsidas ghazlish number. I am assuming that this krithi is either shyam kalyan or some Mishra ----- where you fill the -----. TNS thillana in niroshta is very deep in terms of the scope of how much one can bring in niroshta within a thillana.I have personally noticed in this and previous concert that sandeep takes a lot of niroshta interest and i loved his well prepared thillana. The concert was an exact 2 hours and 10 plus mins closure concert.

Violinist L ramakrishnan played very well keeping the limelight only with Sandeep during renditon of krithis. I felt he could have slightly trimmed the simmhendram madyamam or kambodhi But he definitely played with lovely aesthetics. Trivandrum balaji is an avatar of Palakkad raghu he is looking bit like him, lovely silences and most importantly not an iota of banging with clear formation of solkattu. I only heard half tani but balaji's best play was for the tulsidas with his extremely precise gumkhi touches . Chandrasekara sharma azhuttam is heading in the direction of few greats like say Trichy Murali, ghatam suresh. He played well and rotated very well with balaji really giving the right musical stop and start commands. Sandeep brings in a great exuberance in his delivery , the sanjay stamp is there for sure for most time but he surely thinks on the spot and sings.He could have gone atleast another 15 mins , but pavamana had to be sung at 08:45 a delay of atleast 15 mins from the time of 08:30 pm - 2 hour closure.

Overall a very good to excellent for close to 2 hours and 15 mins.

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